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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by bushell873, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Greetings all!
    My 07 Suburban just had the roller/lifter fail and round out the cam at 84,000M. I've got a rebuild coming and from going through the forums have learned that many people are deactivating the AFM. My question to those who have failed and learned before me is the following. Which system to go with: Black Bear, Range Tech? What seems to be a positive about the Range Tech is that is can be activated/deactivated with ease and it is theoretically undetectible (for warranty purposes). Which one should I go with and why? If I do go with the Range Tech do I ever risk shutting it down, say for a long highway trip? Finally, has anyone ever received any kind of assistance from GM from an out of warranty vehicle for this specific problem?

    I appreciate your words of wisdom and my wallet empathises with all who have suffered this!

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    I too would like to know, I've been directed to go with blackbear. But not 100% sure yet. And I have a 07 avalanche with 120,000 miles and no oil problems yet, thank god. But not taking no chances. Getting rid of this AFM junk
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    All the devices you mention are good and serve a purpose, if your going to do a custom tune, black bear is excellent, if you simply want to shut down the AFM and leave your tune at factory, range tech is great, I use range tech myself, I like that it is plug n play, the biggie is to remember to unplug it, put it in your pocket when you go to the dealer, lol. Yes some have received out of warranty assistance with the consumption issue, actually there are a couple of GM service reps that cruse this site and offer to assist GM customers, which is really kind of them.
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    Hi bushell873,

    I understand that you have some concerns with your AFM. I am not a technician and not able to offer any technical advice but I would like to take a further look into this for you. Please send a private message referencing your concern if any further assistance is needed. Thank you.

    Kristen A.
    GM Customer Care
  5. Dctackett10

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    Can you tell me everything a blackbear tune will do. What you mean by custom tune?
  6. Cowpie

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    I disabled the AFM the day after i brought my 2013 home, new, from the dealership with the Range device. Since then, I got the Diablo InTune and have it disabled via that. I wanted to be able to adjust trans parameters and other variables along with disabling AFM and having a better tune. Will eventually get a custom tune for the InTune geared more toward E85 fuel in the future, as that is what I primarily fill the tank with. Until then, the 93 octane canned tune is fine with E85.

    Along with shutting down the AFM feature, using a PCV oil separator catch can is a good thing to consider. Until you get one and see what it catches from going to the intake manifold, it is hard to imagine the amount to oil, condensation, etc that is gumming up the top side of the engine. The stuff can really take a toll on intake valves and combustion efficiency. Not exactly helping the AFM situation any.
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    Regarding What is a Custom Tune.......a Custom Tune, Like the ones from Black Bear is Custom-Tailored to your Truck, to your set of Modifications and Desired output.

    Here's the Link to Black Bear's Web Site, Their, Frequently Asked should be able to answer Most, if not all of your questions, regarding What is a Custom Tune,

    The Different Types of Tunes that Black Bear Offers, Is their Mail Order Tunes, the In-Person Custom Tune, and They also Offer theAutoCal and EFILive V2 Email Tuning

    The AutoCal Which Permits the Purchaser to Receive Tunes by Email Based on Live Logged Data. The Hardware is yours to keep and can be used on Multiple Vehicles*......With The Added Benefit of Multiple Tunes (as needed) and it Also Has the "Ability To Simply Flash Back To Stock To Take Your Vehicle In For Service"

    Tuning Services,
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    Thanks all for your words of wisdom!

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