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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Rbernsdo, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Rbernsdo

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    I'm looking to level my 2003 1500 z71, no suspension just keys, found a couple kits for about $100 but I have heard good and bad things about the stress it puts on everything. Wondering if it would be better to do a stand alone level or if suspension would be needed too. Not looking to lift it up right now, just to level my front so i sit level. Any input? Also, does anyone know if leveling the front would fit 33's? from my understanding the normal tires are 31's if I'm not mistaken, and I have heard 33's will fit but might rub on the plastic underneath the bumper on the front. Being that I'm not a mathmajician and most of you guys are basically geniouses, could you correct or direct me? Thanks!
  2. Justice17

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    First of all I dont know where you heard anything about modifying your suspension, leveling keys only modify the torque on your torsion bars, thus raising the front end of your truck. Quite honestly, the have the Rough Country kit which is the one that I am going to use, it comes with 3" blocks for the rear, 2 keys for the front, and shocks all the way around to help with potential ride quality issues. I have heard nothing but good reviews about this kit as well!! And yes you will be able to fit 33's and as far as I know you won't have to cut plastics or make any further modifications to aviod rubbing. Hope this helps! Take care.
  3. paracutin

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    If you just want to level the front end then keys are perfect. Make sure to get longer shocks or shock mount extenders. Your factory units don't have enough travel. And make sure to have it aligned.
    I don't know about fitting 33's. Height will be okay unless you do a lot of off roading where you will be looking for full suspension travel. I would be worried about rubbing (inside of tire to miscellaneous suspension component) when you turn all the way to lock. Just something to think about.

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