Another reason I hate Dodge.

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    This weekend I worked on a friends 2008 Durango. 16 spark plugs, trans filters (2 of them), front and rear diff fluid changes, transfer case fluid change, power steering fluid change, and brake fluid change. That thing sucked.

    There are 16 plugs on the 4.7L motor, 8 for the intake side and 8 for the exhaust side. the intake side uses copper plugs so they need to be changed every 30,000 miles. the exhaust side uses iridium, so they are 100,000 mile plugs. The coils have a boot running strait down from the bottom that go into these deep holes where the plugs are on the intake, then they have a standard plug wire connector on the top that the plug wire runs down to the exhaust side plug. Those boots going down into the hole sucked to get off. They were not available for individual purchase so the one that ripped (fun getting out of the tiny hole) resulted in the purchase of a $40 coil pack. Here is the kicker. The plugs are recessed in some pretty deep holes, that a standard spark plug socket will not fit into. I could not find a thin walled socket so I just ground one of my old sockets down. It took me 3 hours to change plugs!

    Another awesome design that they did was to put the rear lateral track bars to a stud sticking out of the middle of the rear diff cover. So, those needed to to be pulled off to pull the rear cover. What a PITA. The trans had 2 filters in it. One was a standard sump filter, the other a screw on oil filter type. All together I had about 11 hours into it on Saturday (not including the time I had my wife and kids driving around chasing parts).

    After I finished, I test drove it and it was all over the road. It dangerously changed lanes after hitting bumps. I got out and bounced the front end. It needs shocks badly. So, I ordered a new set of Bilsteins for it. Heck, I can't afford to put them on my truck, but every truck that I have worked on over the last year now has them. Thanks for letting my rant!!
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    Paragraphs are a necessary evil.
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    Thanks for bringing that to my attention @SurrealOne, I can always count on you to point things like that out! :happy: Unfortunately, my indents were deleted when I saved the post. I guess that I will have to use spaces between paragraphs rather than indents.
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    Walls of text hurt my eyes. And it ticks me off that Steve has this site modify our spacing when we save a post. (It replaces double spaces with singles ... and removes double newlines using some algorithm I've not completely pinned down ... forcing one to edit and re-add them, at times. What a waste of time.)

    I did, however, read your post before you edited. That's rare; usually I just post 'TLDR' when I stumble on a wall of text. :glasses:
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    I had 5 spaces of indent for each paragraph that disappeared when I posted it. I guess that I never noticed it before as most my replies are one or two lines.
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    This thread is now about grammar.

    Which is actually more interesting to talk about than Dodges. :rofl:
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    Drive Only During Great Emergency

    Mostly Old Parts And Rust
    Most Often Passed At Races

    lol! XD

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