Another spark plug question.

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    Yikes, I am glad I saw this thread.

    Other than to the plugs themselves, can any damamge result to the engine for improperly gapped plugs?

    I changed my plugs about a year ago and was unaware of any TSBs. This was the second time I changed my plugs. The first time I chagned my plugs was before the TSB mentined above and my gap was still .06. This last time, I gapped them at .06 like I did the first time but it sounds like they should be at .04. Am I ruining my engine or just the plugs?
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    Yes, for Iridium plugs the gap is supposed to be .040, but I was told by the dealership for the '07 6.0L Classic that the stock plug was PLATINUM (41-962), which calls for a .060 gap. If you search for the tech buletin I mentioned in my previous post ACDELCO called for 06 and older along with some '07s (like the classic Silverado) to use the platinum plugs. I am not saying Iridium will hurt those vehicles, but ACDELCO is stating to use the 41-962s that are platinum.
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    The plugs should all come pre gaped. you should not adjust them or you can damage the plug. The only thing you might hurt with improperly gaped plugs is some performance loss and mpg loss

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    x2....on what Pikey"Mike" has mentioned and as the GM TSB expresses, regarding the Gap on the"Iridium Spark Plugs" on the first page of this Thread, The Spark Plug Gap is Set During Manufacturing and should Not be Changed or Damage to the Spark Plug May Result. Any New Spark Plug found to Not Be Properly Gaped Should Not Be Used.

    Here's the A/C DELCO BULLETIN, Regarding the A/C Delco Platinum and A/C Delco Iridium Spark Plugs,

    Date: May 21, 2013 Bulletin Number: 13D-070
    To: DDG Headquarters and Branches Category: Product
    From: Brad Brunken, Product Development Line(s): 41

    A/C Delco Spark Plugs 41-110 and 41-962 - Application Update.

    Description: A/C Delco Announces that 2006 and Older, as Well as some 2007".....Spark Plug Service Applications Covered by the Iridium Spark plug 41-110 have moved to the Platinum plug 41-962. For the older Model Years, GM used a Double Platinum Spark Plug in Production, and these Older Applications are to be Serviced with the Double Platinum plug 41-962. 2007 and Newer Applications used Iridium Plugs in Production and Service Requirements will remain Assigned to the Iridium Plug 41-110.
    Both Plugs Meet Original Equipment Specifications for the Applications Designated.

    Catalog: Changes for the Epicor and WHI systems will be updated in the June release 2013. A/C Delco Recommends you begin adjusting your Stocking Requirements for the 41-962 in Preparation of the Upcoming Catalog updates. The Estimated Sales Volume Split between the Two Spark Plugs is 50/50 based on these Application changes and Vehicles in your Markets.

    Please refer to Electronic Catalog Provider for Complete Application Information. These Plugs fall into the family pricing matrix for double Platinum and Iridium Plugs. The 41- 962 will be Less Expensive for Older Applications and will Keep A/C Delco Competitive in the IAM.

    General Information: Here is the Reference Bulletin Attachment for Year, Make and Model Applications for Each of These A/C Delco Spark Plugs.

    Link,[PDF] August I 2013 - ACDelco TechConnect

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