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Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by bryn, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. bryn

    bryn New Member

    What are the largest tire sizes I can run stock and up to 2 in lift on my 06 2 wheel drive tahoe
  2. ProzacKid

    ProzacKid Rockstar 100 Posts

    Hey Bryn. What kind of lift? Body lift or full suspension lift?
  3. ProzacKid

    ProzacKid Rockstar 100 Posts

    What do you have on there now, too? Are you looking to keep the same rims?
  4. Aeropagus

    Aeropagus Rockstar 100 Posts

    Probably 265s are the biggest youc an run on the stock rims. I guess it depends on what you mean by "Stock" because there are different rim options.
  5. frankw

    frankw New Member

    If your truck is a four wheel drive you can fit 285/75/16's on the stock rim with no lift. With a 2 inch lift or if you use a leveling kit to bring the front up a couple of inches you should be able to run 305/70/16's on your stock wheels but I would use a 16x9 rim to be safe. You can't use a wheel with more than 4.5 inches of backspacing or they will rub. My friend has an 02 Tahoe Z71 stock height with 285/75/16 BFG A/T's on the stock wheels and they don't rub.

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