another towing question. Am I ok? 2008 Silverado 1500

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Joes08, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Joes08

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    Hey all,
    I bought a 29ft travel trailer, 6600 lbs dry. I pulled it twice with my 2008 Silverado 1500 LT, 5.3, 3.73, tow package. (mods including 2.25 leveling kit, dual exhaust, K&N exhaust intake, Nittos on 18s) It seems to handle pretty good (12000 lb sway bars, trailer brake contoller installed). I have no plans on towing over two hours or up mountains. The plan is to maybe tow it two more times this year then one time next summer to leave it at a campground for the summer. I really don't want to buy a 2500 because the 1500 is my daily driver. My question is: Do you think I am ok towing this thing? I love my truck and don't want to mess it up. Manual says 8500 max towing, some websites say 10500 max, others say 6500.
    Other question is front brakes need replacing, any suggestions on brakes with better stopping power?

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    In order to nail down your Max Trailer Weight your truck 2wd or 4wd and Reg....Ext....or Crew Cab???..
  3. Joes08

    Joes08 New Member

    Sorry, 4wd Ext cab. Thanks.

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    In the 2008 Silverado Owners Manual for a.....Ext Cab.....4wd.....with 5.3 liter and 3.73 gears and with either the Short or Standard Bed.....
    Max Trailer Weight of...........................................7,500 lbs (3 402 kg)
    GCWR....Gross Combined Weight Rating of...... 13,000 lbs (5 897 kg)

    Your close with the Dry weight of the Trailer at 6,600lbs.....But add Supplies.....Food....Gears.....your going to be close to the limit's of being able to Tow this Trailer Safely with your 08".....

  5. Joes08

    Joes08 New Member

    Yea, i guess that is a little to close. I know safety first, and i do want to be safe. In your opinion,is it worth it to get the 2500 for just a few pulls then? Or is there any other mods I can try to make?
  6. mad1500hd

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    you could probably do an airbag mod in the back to help...not sure if that is safe...but i've seen people do it...maybe someone knows for sure...

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    Installing or adding Performance Parts or Trailer/Suspension Parts will not Increase your Tow Rating's..........With that being say, Its not my place to say get a 2500......that's something that only you can decide......For me Safety has Always been First when I'm Towing my Boat.

    Edit:......One item that would increase your Tow Rating's and that is Swapping out your 3.73 Gears for 4.10's........going to 4,10 gears would raise your Max Trailer Weight ratings by.....1,000lbs which would put your Max Trailer Weight Rating's at.....8,500lbs,......the down side with 4.10's is your Fuel mileage will take a hit (Drop)......I just thought it would be worth mentioning.....
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  8. dpeter

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    With the information posted thus far it seems perfectly fine to tow what you have. The caution about added gear and supplies is something to watch out for, it adds up quicker than you might expect. With the few times of towing that you mention and the short distances perhaps you could load a second vehicle with the excess weight.
  9. Joes08

    Joes08 New Member

    Thanks. I guess a 2500 6.0 would resolve this, right? I drive 100 miles round trip daily, how much of a gas hit would I take going to the 2500 as a daily driver?

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