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    Hello All, Newbie to this forum. Just purchased an '03 Sub and will be pulling a pop-up camper with it. My question is in reference to the factory trailer wiring harness. In the owner's manual is the following statement:

    If your trailer is equipped with electronic brakes, you
    can get a jumper harness (electric trailer brake control)
    with a trailer battery feed fuse from your dealer. This
    harness and fuse should be installed by your dealer or a
    qualified service center.

    I understand that GM P/N 15085418 is this harness....and I understand that I can use this harness to directly wire in my brake question is, does anyone know if this harness also supplies 12vdc to the auxillary post of the rear mounted RV connector?

    As well, does anyone know if specific connection diagrams comes with this harness or does anyone have a link for such?

    Thanks much for your time!!
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    Not sure but if you ask the parts guy at the dealer when you order it I’m sure he can tell you. Mine is a 94 so I wouldn’t know about your newer one.

    This site has been helpful to many here doing trailer wiring.
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    Follow up

    The answer to my above question related to the trailer battery feed fuse is that with the noted harness above (GM P/N 15085418) comes a plug-in fuse that is installed in the underhood fuse box. It supplies battery voltage to a pin on the 7-pin RV connector at your rear bumper. This for an auxulliary battery connection such as one might find on an RV.
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    You are absolutley right! I have installed a brake controller on my 2001 Suburban, and my 2006 Silverado. On the Suburban I used the factory harness and fuse set-up like you mentioned above and spliced to the wiring from the brake controller. On my Silverado I used the factory fuse as mentioned before but bought a Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller along with a harness that was specific for my vehical that has plugs on both ends so no splicing, only plug and play! This is very handy because I can use this controler for more than one vehical that has the same harness installed.
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