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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by knightracer_08, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, havent been on here in forever, havent broken anything lately and needed help. Ok so I'm building a turbo set up for my 06 4.8 silverado. I have 98% of it figured but wanted to ask one more thing as I have heard two different sides. My plan was to run my maf between the bov and throttle body, friend says his buddy has it that way and works fine, mechanic I work with says the cold air coming from the intercooler with cool it too fast and screw up the programming. If anyone one knows either way I just want confirm now before I'm stuck in the middle of something. I plan on running 5ish pounds of boost, already have turbo and some of the parts to fab the exhaust manifold for a forward mount turbo so it's happening and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks a lot guys.
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    I know from experience on smaller engines you normally run the MAF prior to the intercooler as it will cause the engine to run rich, but depending on the PSI your running from the turbo you might want the engine running slightly richer to prevent knocking, but if you have a good tuner you should be able to tweak the system enough to make it run fine either way.
  3. Anyone else able to chime in? I'm building a "farm" turbo set up as money is not overly abundant right now and cant justify 3g for something i can build. I'm copying the trick turbo set up on my best friends 7.0l ls. Building my own manifold and cross over, gm3 turbo, eBay universal intercooler, efi live tuning, just piecing it together as I can. Plan to run 5-6psi as its my daily driver and needs to maintain some fuel economy.
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    Good for you....doing it yourself!
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    Sounds like a cool project! Good for you for doing it yourself! Wherever you run your MAF, you will have to calibrate it with your tune anyway. I would leave it pre turbo. Basically where it sits now. That will keep you MAF from the hot air stream and should help it last much longer. Even with an intercooler, your intake air temp will be well above ambient.
    Another choice is to eliminate the MAF and go speed density, which I'm not a fan of, but seems to work well for forced induction applications. Either way, good luck with it. Hope this helps.

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