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    Antelope Valley Chevrolet Just adding in review pages for all of the Los Angeles-area Chevrolet dealers! Feel free to add good or bad information or experiences for this dealer.

    Antelope Valley Chevrolet
    1160 West Motor Lane,
    Lancaster, Ca 93534

    Sales: (877) 423-5953

    Antelope Valley Chevrolet Website | Google Places
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    How big is this dealership? I'm curious if any site members have ever been there? It's up by Palmdale and between "LA" and Bakersfield if I remember correctly.
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    It looks to be pretty big from the google maps photo. Its to the east of Bakersfield & La, I think its around 90 miles away from bakersfield if you take I-5 south to the 138. I'm not sure how far away it is if you take the 58 freeway there. Looks like it would be quicker.
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    I live in Palmdale... which is right next door to Lancaster.
    Antelope Valley Chevrolet just opened not too long ago, and was opened by the same folks that owned Antelope Valley Saturn in the Palmdale Auto Mall.. They got GM to give them the rights to sell Chevrolet vehicles after GM quit making Saturn (GM took the right away from Rally Chevrolet (in the Palmdale Auto Mall)).. so now Rally just sells GMC, Pontiac, and whatever else GM has.. AV Saturn basically just picked up and moved to Lancaster and started selling Chevys.. same owners, same sales managers, same technicians, same service advisers, and same sales people..

    I just drove by their dealership the other day, they've got a great selection of cars & trucks, both new & used.. Their lot is about the same as any other sales lot in the area.. but they seem to have a lot of cars there!

    With all that being said, I've bought 3 cars from the AV Saturn team.. and had a great experience each time I've gone in there!
    I was 17 years old when I bought my first truck from a dealer from them back in 2007.. At that time, a lot of dealerships treated me pretty crappy because I was only 17, and they didn't think I had money or would be able to buy a car.. but AV Saturn looked past my age and treated me like a regular customer.. ended up working out a deal with them on a used 2004 F-150..

    Went back to them in 04/2010 and got my (current) 2004 Silverado, and again, had a great experience with them.. Sales-persons and Sales-managers were great.. really relaxed environment, and really worked me a great deal on my trade in and on my new truck! They really went the extra mile to help me get a great deal and take care of my trade-in..

    My mother went back to them in 05/2010 and got a 2008 Saturn Aura from them.. and again, we got a great deal, and were treated very nicely. We ended up having a couple problems with that car (nothing major at all) and had to use their service department.. also had a great experience with them and they got our car back to us very quickly and got the job done right the first time.

    All in all, it's a great group of people there.. I'll go back to them next time I'm looking for a new truck, and highly recommend them to anyone in the LA area that's looking for a good deal with a good dealer.. It may be a little bit of a drive from the LA area (about a hour and a half drive or so), but it's really worth the drive!
    I'm really glad to see that GM took away Chevrolet from Rally and gave it to a better group! My family and I have had a lot of problems and bad experiences from Rally.. it's about time we got a better Chevy dealer out here!
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