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Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by polara6t, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. polara6t

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    Hi to all a newbie here. At 211,000 miles my 2001 Geneva Conversion Savana is still going strong. An amazing van about to turn 13! So it had to finally happen my fixed radio antenna got caught in the car wash in the brush wheel when the line was stopped for about 30 seconds. Now the base is lose so I have an antenna leaning right...not a good look.

    How do you get at it to fix it? The only way I can see is to remove the wiper rest bracket so you can go in from the windshield side down..but may be totally wrong. Also any help on fix techniques really appreciated.

  2. tsbrewers

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    typically the base has a nut underneath the fender that keep it tight. But it seems odd to me that a car wash would loosen the base, but I guess it is possible. Honestly not sure what to say besides, see if you can get to the bottom side and tighten it up. Or take the antenna off the base and just see if there is anything there to snug it up.
  3. polara6t

    polara6t New Member

    Thanks so much for the response. Yep its loose. The real question is how to access the nut underneath?
  4. tsbrewers

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    See if you have a bracket like this to hold the antenna on,

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  5. polara6t

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    Sorry for the late reply. So you are in the right territory. Mikes Car Wash were great and offered to pay for the antenna fix. Now this is where it gets interesting. I took the van to the GMC dealer. The service lead had the antenna repair guy look at it who said the whole unit would need to be replaced at $80 with 4 hrs labor at $90 and hour to install..$493. I was stunned. So I took it to my local repair shop. The mechanic unbolted the bracket. Two rivets that hold the antenna to the bracket were popped out. Two tack welds repaired the base and its better than new. Cost $42. Thank you for taking the time to respond and hope this post is a help for the board members.

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