Anti Lock Break Failure Caused Crash

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    My 99 GMC Sierra I now find out was victim to the anti-lock breaking failure so well documented here in over 100 postings. The first time it happened the roads were somehwat icy, and I thought I had hit ice because it felt like it was just sliding when in fact it wasn't (in retrospect). The speed was under 10 or even 5 mph and when turning and stopping (like pulling into a parking spot), the brake pedal went to the floor. The anti-lock noise was there, but there was no breaking. That time I hit a bumper of another parked car.

    The second time it happen I pulled into a Gas Station parking lot (turning into a parking spot) and breaks failed. This time I hit a metal covered concrete stantion that was there to procted the Gas Station. It put a huge dent in front fender on right side.

    As a result of these two incidents, my insurance rates went up and now I have to replace the front fender. Thank God nobody was killed.

    In a sense I was the dummy who didn't realize this was a major known issue on these vehicles. Lesson learned for me. When buying a used vehicle with all of the fancy electronic stuff on them today, one must take a lot of time to research this stuff. I've never had to do this in the past and never have had any issues. This particular issue could have been deadly.

    I finally was able to determine the root cause to be faulty ABS when this winter the pump finially blew out. That pump, under the drivers' seat somewhere made a very loud whinning noise. I didn't know what it was at the time and started pulling relays to find out. Finally the ABS Relay was the one that was pulled last and stopped the noise.

    Unfortunately for my wallet, I have to pay down my insurance hikes for next three years and replace my front bumper and repaint the front end. Then, I need to decide if I even want ABS again. I'm thinking no GMs weigh a ton and I have a lot of safety factor built into that.

    In the meantime I have to continuously be reminded by the dash lights that my ABS isn't working. Doh! Now that's rubbing me the wrong way isn't it?

    Warning: If you own any GM Vehicle that has any indication of not being able to stop while in a low speed turn, please take it in to get it repaired or disconnected. Not doing so could wind up in a very serious accident.
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