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  1. PantheraUncia

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    I am looking for pro's and cons from both sides (for and against) installing a device like this in our trucks. Some of us have had people break into them and I was able to stop a break in about a year ago by hearing my alarm go off; but sometimes an alarm doesn't cut it.
  2. mfleetwood

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    Interesting...I'm not sure I understand when exactly someone gets shocked. Do they get shocked if they try and pull on the door handle or is it broader in scope such as touching the vehicle. It sounds like a cool idea, but I'd be scared that someone may inadvertently get shocked (i.e. sitting at a light and a pedestrian or bicyclist accidentally bumps your car).

    Also, it appears to only charge your vehicle and work while running....if that's the case, it may not work for unattended vehicles. If it does work while being left unattended, then I'd be concerned about parking lots, etc., in which maybe a little kid may accidentally (or on purpose), touch your car.
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  3. Conlan Rose

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    I would be worried about the legal side of it. And you getting shocked if the system malfunctions. You would look really dumb jumping 10 feet from your truck after getting shocked by 2000 volts.
  4. PantheraUncia

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    The way I understand it to work is that all the body panels will be charged when it is armed. It's not meant to be as strong as a tazer or something like that, but if you touch anywhere on the panel, you will get shocked.

    I have seen similar systems that only charge the door handles. Most of the places that carry stuff like that are places that do armor upgrades for vehicles.....

    Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get shock door handles, armor plating like the presidents limo, fire suppression systems, tear gas canon's, air purification systems.

    I guess if you are a million dollar rapper or something you might want all that. Charging the panels to shock a potential auto thief is relatively inexpensive.

    The legal side is a touchy one. If someone dies, they (their family)will sue. If you don't have it (not that you need something like this) and they steal your truck/car/ etc, that is grand theft auto and you don't know if you will get your vehicle back.

    I guess arguing that someone was trying to break in your vehicle and steel the whole car or something in it is hard to prove unless they get away with taking it? (Which seems really backwards) but hey that is the world we live in right.
  5. RayVoy

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    It appears that the entire skin, of the vehicle, will be "charged". What this does, is raise the voltage potential of the vehicle ground. The vehicle ground will be 2000 volts above earth ground. The vehicle positive will be 12 volts higher. This means, that a shock can be received if the vehicle skin is touched, or if the vehicle 12 volt positive is touched. I suspect, 2000 volts through any of the vehicle components (radio, PCM, BCM, etc) would be fatal to the component.
  6. SurrealOne

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    And if the would-be thief is wearing gloves like most probably do in this day and age of fingerprinting and forensics?

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