Any bow hunters?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Crakums_GT, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Crakums_GT

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    It's that time of year again. This will be my first bow hunting season. I just bought a Diamond Tech Hunter Elite. In my opinion it felt just as good as a lot of the high end bows I shot, but only cost me $350. Nice back wall and very quiet. Anyway any pointers on websites I can visit for hunting gear? I'm on a fairly small budget because I'm trying to get new tires for both vehicles.

  2. Nickbaldwin86

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    Bow hunter here

    I start deer season tomorrow morning but that is with my rifle (bow hunt elk and rifle for deer)

    so all I can say it... good luck and may the force be with you :fighting0040:
  3. CarpenterGuy

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    wow, rifle season for us doesn't start until november 20 or something near there.

    never bow hunted, but i really want to get into it. i'm ready for a new challenge.
  4. MTPockets

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    Bow hunter here. I missed archery elk this year so I'll have to wait until next year. I was excited to go because I got a loaded Hoyt Alfamax 32. Got a great deal on it because my wife works for Hoyt, not to rub it in or anything. :na:

    As for hunting gear I would take a look at Hoyt's website, some of their stuff is pricey but they do have some great deals at times. :great:
  5. ChevEE

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    I'm a bow hunter in Colorado and i shoot mathews MQ1 29" draw with gold tip arrows @ 6.8GP", MUZZY 125 bh ,ALL trophy rigde. Shoot what your comfy with and be sure your draw length is right. Practice Practice. I practice from 20 to 50 yards most of the year. As for equipment read on cabelas for customer ratings and then look on craigs list. I bought a range finder, buck master @$100.00 and a gps @ $40.00 with carry case and instructions,imagine that. Another site is Bowhunters. Check out there forum and some guys sell stuff too. My bow season is over, nothin but excersize,time for birds. but a friend of a friend got a nice one ..wating on results but as it stands it should be about 360, they will have it at the bow hunter meet this year.Shoot straight and best of luck
  6. Crakums_GT

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    Good to see other bow hunters. I just finished (or re-finished) hunters safety this past week and, though I'll be jumping in late, will be getting a bow deer tag so I can hopefully get a deer before the gun season starts. I've been practicing with my new bow and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. I haven't paper tuned it yet for broadheads but will be within the next week before heading out in search of a nice buck. I keep hearing about the bucks around here in ND but have yet to catch one on the trail cam. A couple with nice racks but they were pretty small. I wouldn't complain if I tagged one though. Good luck to all and I'll keep you posted on how the season goes.

  7. MTPockets

    MTPockets Rockstar

    Good luck to you, sir. I hope you bag a nice one.:great:

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