Any Electricians...NEED HELP! Keep popping fuse

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by UsafMoore67, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. UsafMoore67

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    So My OBD2 wasn't working when my buddy tried hooking his Diablo up to it. I decided to take it to Autozone and see if they could read any codes or if they're little hand held would even register on it. Well I get there and it didn't even read so he said I had a blown fuse for my OBD2, said ok let's replace it. Well we found it, replaced it. Blew as soon as we put it in. Unplugged the battery, put another one in, hooked up the battery and tried again, as soon as we hooked up the battery it blew another fuse...he gave me the rest of the fuses for free and said take it to an electrician to find a shorted ground he right?
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    I had something like this on my 02 Av ended up being the plug where I used to plug my programer in to It was always tight so I might have broken or messed up a wire so GM repaced it..
  3. UsafMoore67

    UsafMoore67 New Member

    Yea it still has warranty so on Monday I am taking it in, but I'd like an idea of what it could be before I go
  4. moogvo

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    A short!:rofl:

    Sorry. Couldn't resist!
  5. Josh

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    its gotta be a bad ground. i kept popping my fuse for my heater in the k5. when i looked around long enough i saw i tore the ground wire off the firewall practically. cleaned up the wire and re cut it and bolted to the wall and wala. your lucky if its under a warranty. lord knows what it could be. must be nice to just say oh well its someone elses problem. id love to let gm deal with my probs lol.
  6. moogvo

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    It is probably a chafed wire shorting to ground.
  7. The Heater

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    Fuses blow for two main reasons: item the wire is feeding has a current draw that exceeds the rating of the fuse; short in wire to ground.
  8. zigger215

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    For a fuse to blow right away it would be a short. Overcurrent situations cause the fuse to melt. I'm assuming you have the newest body style truck since its covered under warranty. At your OBD2 plug there is an orange wire, that's your 12v constant. You can chase that wire down but I doubt that's the problem, just a good start. There is also a green wire, that's your data-in for your can-bus system, your problem is probably there. It's an odd problem because you haven't mentioned that your truck has been running poorly which normally walks hand in hand with OBD2 problems.
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