Any lowriders or under construction projects?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by 1_low_rider, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. 1_low_rider

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    Hey guys, I would just like to try and start a thread about anything and everything involving lowered project trucks. If you got something slammed on the ground or one you plan on dropping, if you got fresh body work or something custom done this is the place to share. I'm just a guy who likes anything low the ground and I'm trying to find all you other pothole dodgers out there. So throw out what you've done to your ride in here and lets talk about it!.............Here's mine so far, i'm workin on getting a caddy cap on it at the moment, just have to pay my damn taxes first!!!!!

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  2. tbplus10

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    We started a new project last month on a mid eighties Crewcab Dually, at this point we have a pile of parts.

    The plan was to lower it about 4" with a combination of bags, spindles, and a 3 link rear end.

    Sheet metal is a 2" cowl induction hood, 90 Suburban front clip with a Phantom grill, smooth doors with poppers and 1 piece glass, relocated tailgate handle and a smooth roll pan.

    The interior is 7 way, leather, heated buckets up front with a matching rear bench that's designed to flatten into a bed. A custom dash panel with Stewart Warner gauges and matching leather, door panels covered in matching leather, custom wool carpet, and a tweed headliner.

    Drivetrain is a 350, roller rockers, Dart aluminium heads, Billet underdrive pulleys, mild Edelbrock cam, Hooker ceramic coat headers. Havent settled on an induction system yet. Trans is a Jet Performance rebuilt 700R4. And the rear is a Dana 60 full floating Dually axle with 4.10 gears that was rebuilt about 2k miles ago.
    The bed will have a Hide a way Gooseneck/5th wheel convertable hitch.

    I bought a 87 frame this week and started stripping it and getting it ready for the suspension parts. I cant go further on the frame until we decide if were gonna "step" the front and "C" notch the rear, drop the body, do both the body drop and frame mods, or settle for the original 4" drop we planned on.

    Our suspension plans changed when I bought a totalled Suburban with a bagged suspension that was better than the set-up we already had.

    At this point we have the sheetmetal with completed body work and interior mocked up on our rusted 81 donor truck waiting for a new cab.
    We have the suspension parts ready but need to make a decision on the frame work and start powdercoating and assembling.
    The drivetrain is powdercoated and ready to be installed in a frame and have an induction system added.
    And we have a new Painless wiring harness that will need to be installed in the new cab.
  3. Cableguy

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    Everybody has seen this but mine was done in early 90's when drop spindels first came out (and way before the bagging era) previous to that you could only cut the coil springs (Which was hideous for the front end)

    Here is my old project with 3" drop spindels and 3" drop springs, 8" flip in the rear with "C" notched frame. It was concider fairly radical in its day. Now a days you can put the truck down on the ground as a weekend project pracically.

    I'd love to build another one but the wife gives me that what the hell for look....sigh....

  4. 04blackz71

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    i am looking for my picks of my low rider it was a 2000 sonoma and it had a swap of an vette engine and lots of work done i will get that picture up when i find it i wish i never sold it the kid that bought it wrecked it in the snow then took it up in the mountain
  5. Springthing

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    Jamie... nevermind the truck in that picture.. I love that van in the background! Simpler days....
  6. mehoff400

    mehoff400 New Member

    couple pics of my old 98 silverado on full airbaggs
  7. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    nice bagged chevy!
  8. 1_low_rider

    1_low_rider New Member

    i knew i wasnt the only one in this place with a low low chevy. funny story, i coach a boys 13yr old baseball team and we use the local city park to hold our practices. they have just recently installed double speedbumps all through the park to slow people down as they drive through. i normally have to use the employee access driveway on the far side of the park just to get in so i can avoid these bumps. as i arrived at the beginning noone was at the park besides us so i went around all the speed bumps and into the far side of the park no problem. later, after we ended our practice the park had completely filled with people and they parked along the sides of the road forcing me to go over the speed bumps to get out. well i grinded over the first set without TOOOO much snag, drove off the road completely and went around the second set, zigzagged in and out of parked cars to dodge the next set, and then saw the final set of speed bumps and there was no possible way to go around them. so i slowly began over the bumps and made it over with my front wheels, but as i eased up my crossmember hung up on the speed bump. i had to flag down some kids playing basketball across the parking lot to come over and hop up and down in my bed just to shake the truck loose and drive away. lets just say for a few min. there i was the life of the party for the entire park, and i dont find that embarasing at all because they laugh behind my back but all want to be seen riding in my truck any other time. anywho that was my latest adventure, just thought id share.
  9. brownpridex111

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    heres my lower project i lowered my 4/7 but im plaiing on getting airbags body work and paint job but i have this picture so u guys can see what i have done to it
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  10. alaxrunner

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    i just got my 04 sierra extended cab about 2 months ago i have a belltech 6 inch flip kit in the rear and 4" djm lower control arms in front chasis tech shocks in rear and toxic drop shocks in front and have swapped tails with an 03 silverado since these pics and my tailgate handle is being shaved at the moment but here are a few pics
  11. Cableguy

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    I got hung up too once on a raised manhole cover, they were repaving the road. I thought my head came unattached from my body. Scared the heck out of me:lol:
  12. kawasaki_kid

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    Heres my 90 S10. lowered 4/4 with drop blocks and spindles. never been hung right up in it, but i do scrape my exhaust often. i would love to hear what that sounds like to someone walking down the sidewalk.
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  13. any lowriders or underconstruction projects

    My wifes 05 Trailblazer has 1.5/3 inch Belltech lowering with 20in Helos and 275/45-20 Brigstones. If I ever figuire out how to post pictices I will.
  14. 2008blackWT

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    I was going to make more of a project out of mine. Was thinking of bagging it and then even lowering it more. After i got the wheels on it didnt look low enough. But I had to keep reminding myself I bought the truck to do work stuff with it. While having it bagged i could still do tons of stuff I just couldnt bring my self to cut up a brand new truck with a warrenty. Something I have never had before.
  15. powdercoater

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    This is my shop truck in my sig pic. I decided to make this one draw attention rather than having a "run of the mill" version like the last one, and it does that rather nicely. There's a few more pics in my Album if you're interested.
  16. lowriderinms

    lowriderinms New Member

    01 silverado

    i have an 01 silverado xcab witht eh suicide doors... 4.8 shackles ont he back to even it out, shaved tailgate, steel rollpan, clear corners, makin a custom grille now, have a 7 indash tv.. (fun as heck) bedcover tinted window... and a few other nick nacks being made...

  17. 2ToNe04

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    soon to be bagged. :) on some real black rims lol i made those on paint
  18. howard_m18

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    My 1967 Toy

    Bed Liner matched to paint.jpg Finished at last.jpg This is my way over due project. Finally decided to do something with it so here we go. As soon as I'm allowed to post pics, I will post the rebuilding progess. I started with another 1967, that has sat in my garage for 10 yrs, but it had the wrong box on it & needed a bunch of body parts fixed &/or replaced. I bought it for $500. In those 10 yrs, I only replaced the engine & trans. It now has a 1988 350 with a 700 trans in it. Went to the Warren swap meet with the intent of picking up a correct box. There I met a person that showed me a pic of a identical truck that looked great in the pics. We drove over & it was better than the pics,BUT it was a rolling chasis. He wanted $1,000 for it, so I got it for $850 & it has a 307 Chevy in the bed of it. I bought a CPP Grand Slam to go from drums to disk for the front end that included a 2 1/2" drop for the front & a 4" for the rear. It will be put in this week. We will be replacing the windshield & some other things on it & I also got some "Boyd" wheels & tires to go on it. It is painted 2010 F--d Mustang Blue.

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  19. duallyman

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    Heres a pic of my little project, its a 1993 got DJM 3" spindles and a 4" hanger kit 454 with a 4l80e

  20. lowriderinms

    lowriderinms New Member

    95 gmc

    here it is looks like 3/4 drop and it has a 6.5 turbo diesel in it... it is my albums wasnt able to post it

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