Any professional or know it all pressure washers out there?

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  1. finalday7

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    I'm looking into buying 1 maybe 2 pressure washers very soon and I want to make the right purchases. I've been looking online and I can't seem to find answers to any of my questions.

    Here are a list of items that I'll be pressure washing.
    Vinyl Siding
    Wood Siding
    Small amounts of concrete

    I don't mind buying 2 units but i'd prefer both to be gas powered so I don't have to carry around a 3500W generator everywhere. Would a 2500 PSI pressure washer using a low pressure 40degree nosel be to much for washing cars and trucks. I kow 1800 PSI is recommend but I'd rather not go electric.
    I'd also like to buy a little larger of a machine probly in the 3800 PSI range at maybe 4GPM.

    One other question I had would how hard would it be to make it mobile. Trailer,Tank, Water Pump etc. I'm just not sure what products to look into buying.

    Any help would be great.:great:
  2. tbplus10

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    Mobile shouldnt be hard, we had some in the Navy that were mounted on standard 5x6 trailers with Diesel powered water heaters, 200gal water tanks, and a 3800 PSI pressure washer. With the water heater turned on they worked great cleaning all the grease, oil, and debris off of our Aircraft Support Equipment. The pressure was adjustable from 75PSI to 3800PSI and they had a manifold that allowed hooking up 2 hoses at one time, at high pressures you were limited to around 1600PSI per hose when running double hoses.
    If you left the water heater off you could use a bigger water tank and have room for a chemical tank.
    Tractor Supply sells a mobile pressure washer with chemical tanks, dont know the price tho.
  3. VtDoc

    VtDoc New Member

    I have a honda I purchased at Home Depot that is 2600 PSI. 0 - 40 heads. I have had it 3 years. Starts 2nd pull every time. I connect mine to a hose, so I cannot give you advice on mobility. I have a rotary scrubber for my car and an extension to clean my vinyl on my 2 story home.

    Hope this helps.


    SURFROGGY New Member


    If your on a well a large volume pressure washer will run it dry.
  5. Rumpamuro

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    I have a Porter Cable Powerwasher, The old Tecumseh OHV 6.5 HP engine works like a charm, ive never changed the oil, never done any winter provisions before sotring it, used it in the winter actually, the things is at least 6 years old and she wont die, The thing you wanna look out for is the pump, i have an italian pump on the back, bellini or something cant remember, but the guy when we bought it said this pump you can run for 24 hours no problem, i never belived him but we abuse the thing and shes still alive, my neighbour went and bought a simoniz, 7 hp but a diff style where the pump was mounted on the bottom, and he had it runing for a couple hours one day and it gave out.
  6. finalday7

    finalday7 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Yeah I'm on a large well thats why I wanted something low volume to start. Does anyone know a brand that's adjustable from say 1700-3000PSI.

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