Any reason I should not switch to E85?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Schaub, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Blacksheep1

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    There isn't really any down side except the mileage loss
  2. Schaub

    Schaub Rockstar

    As long as the e85 is cheap enough to constitute buying it.
  3. 5Cent

    5Cent New Member

    Regular is 3.79
    E85 3.29

    Doesn't do a whole lot for me except help out the farmers and reduce dependency I guess.
  4. Highbank

    Highbank New Member

    I see this is an old thread but I should still post to it, lol. I own a grain elevator/gas station. We sell E85 for 2.89. Reg for 3.89. We have been converting customer cars to E85 for several months now and find that at most they experience a 1 to 2 mpg loss. Many times no loss. It is simply a programming change and can be switched back with no ill effects if they are not happy (none have swithed back). I currently have a business competition going with several other stations as to who can have the cheapest E85. I anticipate anothr dime drop. We have been lower than 3 bucks for over a year now. One thing to look for is E30. We are currently installing blender pumps to sell E10, E15, E30, E50, and E85. We have found that all vehicles can run E30 with no loss of mpg and save 20 cents per gallon. They will also get much improved performance. Have you concidered just burning E30? Set up a tank at home and fill with the correct ratio of gas and E85. Or even do as some farmers do here and set a tank in the back of thier truck, fill with the correct ratio and fill that way. They are saving a minimum of 20 cents, sometimes as much as 50 cents. We did the math here at our prices and using elevated levels of ethanol, either E85 or E30, it no longer makes financial sense to purchase a diesel pickup. Now if simply driving cheaper is the goal have you thought of running on propane? Currently the fuel cost per mile is half that of regular gas. We can convert, or actually add to your vehicle the propane capability. Fill with 2 dollar (or less) LPG and run till empty. Then your vehicle swithes automatically back to original fuel till you refill the LP tank. Just a thought.

    I own a 08 Dodge diesel, an 03 H2, and a 91 chevy Cheyenne. Converted the Cheyenne to E85. Its the cheapest to run. The H2 is going propane. I cant wait to run that. imagine running that on 2 dollar fuel. Yea. I be looking rich running that all over. If they only knew, lol.
  5. Megasaurus

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    You get better performance out of E85 than you do out of gasoline? what do you mean by that [MENTION=29555]L1n5c0tt[/MENTION]?
  6. dobey

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    E85 has a higher octane rating, and the alcohol is a natural cleaner. It will help keep the chambers and fuel lines clean, and the engine will run better. The timing will also be adjusted when using E85, by the ECM, so that it will run a bit more advanced, and the engine just performs better overall.
  7. nonnieselman

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    Only problem with E85 or any ethanol fuel is that our tax dollars pay for it then you have to buy it again. Subsidies that farmers get to grow fuel instead of fuel.
    $7billion in 2006...
  8. dobey

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    It's 2013, not 2006. Get your rants straight. The corn subsidy is dead. Legislation of the Renewable Fuel Standard creates some demand for Ethanol, which guarantees some level of profits for those farmers, but it is not the same as a subsidy.

    And your tax dollars are part of the reason why petrol gas is still so cheap in the US. Who do you think is paying for those wars in the middle east to keep our foreign oil interests in check?

    But lets keep the politics out of it; and scold the newcomer for bringing a thread back from the dead, so the horse can be beat some more, instead.

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    Please tell us what Ethanol has done to corn prices and consequently beef prices. Please tell us how Ethanol cannot share the same pipelines as petrol products, and therefore has to be sold close to source and never be widely available unless new piplines are built all around the country. Please tell us how farmers have switched their crops from other produce to corn to get some of the dollars under the Renewable fuel Standards Act. Therefore, putting again pressure on the entire food chain.

    Give us the whole story---please!
  10. Highbank

    Highbank New Member

    I do not believe this is the best place to discuss politics and that is all this is. I will give it a try as far as I can. I can only give you what I know in my area. things may be different a thousand miles away.
    Corn prices have went down drastically in the last year. One thing that never gets brought up by the "anti ethanol" crowd is that the leftover material after ethanol is manufactured is actually a higher value product. "Distillers grain" as it is known is a high protien feed ingredient that is highly sought after by the beef producers. this ingredient has lowered the cost of raising cattle drastically and our local ethanol plants struggle to meet the demand for it. What drives the corn prices up at least in part is the Department of Ag. They still pay landowners to keep thier ground out of production. Listen for the term "CRP" to pop up in discussions. Put that ground back in production and corn prices would drop to historic lows. This wouldn't be good but would make sqeeky wheels people quiet down at least temporariy. When the corn price drops to under the cost of production many farmers go under and we return to the farm disaters of the late 70's. What drives corn prices higher is the cost of fertilizer and that is greatly made out of - - - - wait for it - - - CRUDE OIL!!!! So actually the more ethanol we make and use will lower the cost of living in this country greatly by reducing the demand for crude.
    And as far as farmers swithing crops, they have been doing that for all of history. The extreme might be afganistan. Swithing from edible crops to poppies. Illegal drugs PAY MORE!! Our government has actually paid those farmers to not grow poppies. Sounds familiar doesn't it? The great thing in this country is that we are free to grow whatever crops we want to as long as they are legal. Of course we are also at risk for the financial results meaning we go bankrupt if we grow crops that don't make a profit. That pretty much means that if we grow crops to make others happy instead of crops that pay the bills, we go under, end up on welfare, and the government (meaning you) ends up supporting us while we sit home (that you now pay for) watching Jerry Springer every day.
    Now as far as Ethanol sharing pipelines, how do you propose running a finished product (ethanol) down the same pipeline at the same time as as a raw product (crude oil)? thats a no brainer. If you convince the Crude oil boys that they can wait to deliver thier product to the refineries (and we know all too well what that kind of disruption will do to fuel prices. Hold onto your shorts) than I absolutly know that the companies that own the pipelines will be all too eager to push ethanol down thier lines to pay the bills. If you don't believe me just get a company year end report from any of the pipeline companies. they have been building those lines for just a senario for many years now.
    Instead of dwelling on the negative (which seems to have many false ideas) lets discuss the positives. GM (and I say this company as I have many friends that have worked for them) has spent billions of dollars to meet the government imposed air standards. Ethanol burns much cleaner. This money is paid by anybody that purchases a new car. California standards are even more strict. They seem to demand clean air but do not want to pay for it. Ethanol is saving much money AND giving us cleaner air to breath. Than concider the pipeline idea. Ethanol moves currently by semi. Yes, these trucks move on crude and that pollutes. In the future these trucks will run on soy oil and follow the ethanol idea creating more employement and cleaner air but that is another debate, lol. Allow ethanol plants to be built near population centers and the pipeline complaint becomes mute.
    Economics drive this. Plain and simple. Politics only wrecks everything and makes peoples lives terrible.
    This is just a short outline of how it works in michigan but I hope it helps. Be willing to change and try new things.

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