Anybody From Mississippi??

Discussion in 'MS - Mississippi Chevy Club' started by 1_low_rider, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. kbar

    kbar New Member

    From Meridian. 2007 Sierra cc vmax 6.0 Got a Blackbear tune this past weekend. Well worth the trip to New orleans! The torque management is gone, speed limiter is gone, the 6.0 is a strong motor but after the tune, WOW. I would recomend this tune for anyone.
  2. DCJ

    DCJ New Member

    Lived in Madison for about 18 years but recently moved to Brandon. Decided to get this one as I was tired of my Silverado beating me to death! 2015 Chevrolet Z71 Colorado 47 tint (640x480).jpg
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  3. allterrainman

    allterrainman New Member

    Im up here Around Tupelo as well!

    BLACKSUNSHINE80 New Member

    Jeff-Davis Co. representing!!!!!!! 1999 Chevy Burbon 454, 4x4

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