anyone against chopping the top of a 2 door tahoe, give me a reason not to.

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  1. B.RUUD

    B.RUUD New Member

    i have a 98 2 door tahoe, it s 4wd, and has the nice fender flares. only problem is it was tipped on its side, smashing in everything on the driver side.. not bad, just panels. but the rear quarter panel and window were my only concern. rather than putting the money to replace them right away to be functional, what if i cut of the top from the rear window line, and make it look like a truck, like the old broncos. I would probably fit it with a roll cage over the back half, with some over the top offroad lights, and mount the tire on the back half of the cage to give it an offroad appeal.

    does anybody know if the late model suburban rear quarter panel will fit a 2 door tahoe? because if i can find good tins for the truck, at a reasonable price ,i may try and not cut it up, but for the 6k quote i got, i think my minds made up.
  2. tbplus10

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    Ive seen S10's and Tahoes with the back half of the top cutt off and I think they look cool.
    one problem both versions had in common was the body looses some of its rigidity when the top comes off, so if you do cut the top off I recommend you build a roll cage that incorporates the bedsides and helps gain back the rigidity.
    A close friend of mine has a 2006 Suburban he cut the top off after a roll over, his is done from the windshield back, he welded the tailgate shut to help with the body flex issue and fabricated 8 additional body mounts.
    His roll cage is done wth a hoop behind the windshield. A hoop behind the front seats, a hoop behind the second row seats, and a hoop behind the third row seats wit kickers running at a 45degree angle back by the tailgate. Except for the windshield hoop they all havestringers running across the vehicle to the other side and stringers running from the hoop in front. The top stringers are run down the center of the vehicle about 6" apart.
  3. B.RUUD

    B.RUUD New Member

    so your saying incorporate the cage with the quarter panels/rear fenders. and add more body mounts. i can do that the best i can, but i really would like to have the roll cage mount up to the bed. i have not gutted anything to see what the inside of the quarters look like, but what if i took some sheet metal from the roof and roll some beads in it, and tack it up on the inner side of the fenders. i would think that should do the trick, along with some extra body mounts. maybe add some custom bed bars that run through the rear quarters. really, how much support should the quarter panels have? im planning on adding short kickplate, connecting both sides, to keep any water out of the cab, if that gives it support, im not sure, i can tie it in to cage bars as it goes up the sides, but it has to be easy to step over for to get in the back.
  4. K15 Blazer Guy

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    that shop is ripping you off so hard I feel it from here. these trucks are so easy to do body work on its not even funny.
    I would advise against cutting the top... especially if you already rolled it once....
    just get a stud gun & a body hammer and you've got yourself a hobby for the next month or so.

    this post needs pictures though....
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    Can we see some pics??
  6. phoebeisis

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    Wow-$6000 sounds pricy.
    And chopping it-would be A LOT of work-probably plenty of $$ too
    since projects-my jack leg projects-ALWAYS ALWAYS cost 2X to 3X what I originally project (guess) they will cost.

    I'm with Blazer guy-those 2wd Tahoes look cool as is-
    might look cool chopped-but....
    Yeah-spend a month repairing it.Of course 1 month or so actually means 3-6 months-but they look kinda cool as is-and are a little rare-
    I see 200 4 door Suburbans/Tahoes Yukons for every 2 door.
    They do have a Bronco look( actually kinda cool looking)-but they have the advantage of not being POS Fords of that vintage-so you have a reliable drivetrain cheap easy to find parts-
    Current Fords are pretty reliable-the older generations not as reliable
  7. buckmeister2

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    Since you asked for an opinion, I will give mine. IF, and only if, you are going to keep it until it falls apart and then junk it, go ahead and knock yourself out. If you think you might ever want to sell it, forget about chopping it, or forget about selling it. Finding a buyer will be one in a thousand chance. Sure, they do look cool, but they are not as practical, and if there are two people involved in the buying decision (wife, gf), not much hope. Also, that is a rare body style, and I think they are awesome as they are.

    But, if you plan to keep it forever, and you realize you are going to have a vehicle that is worth the parts only when you are done, then I would say go for it...if you like it, that is what matters.
  8. Jaele

    Jaele Rockstar 100 Posts

    Ill give you a reason not to... you will get all wet when it rains!

    I say chop it off, it sounds like a fun project.

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