Anyone got feedback of 2000-2006 Suburban 2500 or Yukon XL 2500 with the 8.1 BB?

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    Opinions on a Big Block 8.1 Suburban or Yukon XL

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking into purchasing a 01-02 Suburban with the Big Block 8.1.
    Anyone out there got one?
    I hear they're thirsty for oil?
    I'm also not sure if they came with an Allison tranny or a 4l85E, maybe both were offered?
    Either way, BIGGER IS BETTER!
    But I'd still love to hear any feedback from anyone who's got one!!!!
    I've convinced my wife that it'll be better for towing our TT. (Laredo 303TG=7500#'s dry)
    I've found one ( by complete fluke ) right next door, a 2002 with 80,000 miles for $11k Canadian ( about $10k us )
    Any feedback is appreciated!!!! :happy:

    I'd love to add another 'burb to the family!:party:
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