Anyone have aftermarket projector headlights?

Discussion in 'Chevy Tahoe Forum (GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade)' started by JiGZ, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. JiGZ

    JiGZ New Member

    I just had a HID lighting kit installed on the truck and was thinking about getting a nice set of projector light casings to go with the kit.

    If anyone already has this setup, can you tell me if a set off ebay is of a descent quality. What I mean is if the the projector ball in the casing is a cheap setup, or of it works as it should, by projecting a nice beam through the marble or whatever it is?

    Thanks to all, any help is appreciated! ;)

    Oh, here's a link to the projector's on eBay that I am inquiring about:
  2. minnesotatahoe82

    minnesotatahoe82 New Member



    Nice ride by the way, the Projectors that you are looking at I dont think will handle HIDs for the fact that I have a pair similar that I bought from the same company for my tahoe and it says right in the box you get them in you cant use Hid conversion kits with these headlights! You would be better off going to your local custom shop and asking them to find you a pair off denali projectors that will fit your tahoe, they make a similar headlight for tahoes that look like denali! Good Luck
  3. static54

    static54 New Member

    Yes that is true they do say will not work with HIDs but.. the ones I been lookin at say you can get them to work with Some Modification. Ive been looking at pics online and have seen silverados with the projector headlights and foglights with HIDs installed. I would like to ask someone what it entails to do so before I jump into it.

    So yes you can use HIDs in those projector headlights they sell of ebay, it just depends on what itll take to make them work. From what Ive read it isnt too hard id just like more specific info.

    Anyone who would like to help thatd be greatly appreciated. thanks
  4. Red02willy

    Red02willy New Member

    I ordered a set off of ebay as well. They are the Halo projection lights. Mine came with all the bulbs and everything for it I just need to get it installed. I was trying to find an answer for the 3rd light in the headlight (light closest to fender) There are 2 wires coming from there with a lil box on them. I dont know where to hook it up. When I ordered them they didnt send any installation instructions. The site just said recommended proffessional installation. It cant be that hard. Just need some insite on where to hook the 2 wires. I can take pics if it would help the lights look really nice. I cant wait to get them installed.

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