Anyone have dents in bed rail from a bed cap?? Terry's Toppers beware!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by mattiep11, Aug 17, 2013.

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    If a repair shop damages your vehicle , and it is not in an accident with another vehicle , but due to the acts of an employee due to his fault in repair work then in my state you can get payment for damge thru the small claims court.

    an example [which I have actually witnessed ] dealer ship door closed on a vehicle just sold .

    dealership is stuck with the cost of repair .
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    Update.. After a month of talks with gm customer care (underlay useless) wasting my time, talking to clown after clown, half of them i could not understand or they had no idea what a truck was or a fiberglass topper. HOW THE HELL DO THEY HIRE SOMEONE WHO CAN NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!! They said its all my fault. And they were not willing to help or pay for damages caused by their **** up of an installer!!! (MURDOCK CHEVY). Both dealers will NEVER SEE MY BUSINESS AGAIN. BOTH ARE RIPOFFS AND SCAM ASSES! THIS truck is for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to get the BBB involved on the case then next is small claims......They just lost a loyal gm buyer.... going to FORD this weekend!!
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    I will prolly be scolded for saying this, but if I am having someone do an install on my wheels, I have a little bumper chat with them prior to the install, being clear of what I expect and what I expect of them, that few minutes just keeps things real when there is an upfront understanding, I have learned over the years, just because its a shop does not mean its staffed with qualified professional techs. Doing this has resulted in more than one instance having the tech or owner come to me to take a look at something before they proceed and has saved me grief and maintained a good relationship with the owner/techs. And when they are done, I thank them for an outstanding professional job,
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    I recently had a bitch about how GM is selling chinese parts using the same part number and the part does not fit. part in sealed plastic bag genuine GM parts and the part is wrong. called GM got some person with an accent . had no idea what the part I was talking about, no auto work/knowledge a complete waste of time .

    so I insisted that I talk to the GM parts manager that handles these part orders and hopefully I could get some answer to how can a part be changed and still have the original part number, well he gave me info to call some non GM business . these operators are just B/S artists. you sue then they will have to pay. just do not have them fix it . you fix it have the bill and pictures then they pay. If you have a day to spend go to the court and sit there and see how many cases are against these repair shops/dealerships with some cases pure theft . I was shocked to see how many auto repair / dealership cases where won simply because they did not even show up ! also tack on you personal expenses loss of use etc...

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