Anyone know about HID's?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by dagooseisloose, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. dagooseisloose

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    I got a 2008 Silverado. When I remote start it sometimes the passenger side headlight comes on and turns right off. Sometimes it turns on and its not as bright as the other one and doesnt warm up as quick. Once i put my foot on the brake both headlights work perfectly it just that initial time when I remote start. This only happens when the truck is cold. if I drive around and shut the truck off and remote start it the headlights work fine.

    I was thinking maybe the relay is going since the headlights work most of the time. If it was a ballast or a bulb I figure it wouldnt work most of the time.

    Any ideas?
  2. Silvercat

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    This sounds like a faulty ballast...assuming you already have the Xenons running.
    I just went through the same thing as this on my wifes car too. Both lights start up, then one will start to flash like a flash bulb then go out all together. I bought a replacment ballast and it ignites but cannont hold the power long enough to keep a xenon bulb burning.
    Its the initial start up thats critical, once they light there is less power draw and they become much more stable.
    As a test...try swapping the ballast from side to side and see if you get the same results. A good indicator as to how good your ballast is. I hope yours work out for you...I'm sitting o 1/2 set of xenons cuz I dont want to buy another ballast and have it fry too. I'll buy a whole set and use this as a spare.
    I wish you luck
    Merry Christmas
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    my o7 nnbs the headlights do not come on with remote start .On o8 maybe its your daytime running lights trying to come on.
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    My dads 07 NBS the lights come on when he remote starts it. Do you guys have factory or aftermarket starters?
  5. wayned

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  6. rx7srlife

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    Sounds like a faulty ballast but, not nessicerally faulty. Do you know how floresent light in your house or shop take longer to warm up in the cold? Same thing with HIDs. The ballast is more prone to a slower startup in the cold than in the hot summer days. Simple fix. Shut the headlight off and turn them back on. Or you can try and chase down a new ballast for it. Here is a good site for all of you HID lovers......

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