Anyone thinking of getting a new ceiling fan for their house?

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    Ok, *completely* and totally off topic here but the ceiling fan in our living room needed changed. It was in the house when we purchased it two years ago. It was the 5-blade generic fan with the four globes for light.

    Anyway.. so we got the Harbor Breeze Avian from Lowes and I must say I am already loving it.

    It's a three-blade design that comes in silver with light wood blades. The blades didn't match our black/tan living room at all so I actually took to them with black gloss spray paint (textured 'hammer' look, to be precise). It has a remote to work the fan and light.

    I have to say... this thing pushes some AIR! Woooot! The box says 5050 cfm (cubic feet / minute) and most of the others were around 3000... the 5 blade one we just replaced was about 3300 or so. But this fan here is really kicking around the air in the room and I dare say I could fly a small kite in here! LOL

    Anyhow.. for just over $100 this ceiling fan really does great and it uses less wattage than a lot of the other fans we looked at there.

    Just thought I'd let y'all know just in case someone's got a fan that needs replacing that they've put off. It might be time to do it and the Avian actually makes a difference!

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