Anyone Tripple Tow?

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by tbplus10, May 30, 2013.

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    Right on the money there! Just let off the throttle a little and the heavy wagon in the back will push everything around! It aint a pretty sight, and your heart jumps right out of your chest!!
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    Been there.... Towed my wife's 99 jiMmy with a jeep grand Cherokee because it was our only option. Semi passes us and our whole world says "f*** you!"
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    I'm in Colorado and have double towed for some time. I drag a 30 ft Cedar Creek tongue pull with either a raft or a drift boat behind. Total length with my 02 Dodge was about 67 ft. Now with my 08 Chevy 2500 HD CC LB I'm about 2 ft longer at 69 ft. Cornering is a rather non issue for my rig since the rear trailer is much narrower than the 8ft wide Cedar Creek travel trailer. Wheel track on boat trailer is about 2 ft inside the track of the big trailer. I tow in a couple states that have max length less than me but have never had a problem. Mys own state says 60 ft max but they used to be 70 ft. Not sure when the change was made but I definitely towed this and other rigs similar prior to the change. I really think that the length regs are made so the states can pick up some extra permit fees from the commercials. I have towed double rigs for well over 25 years with absolutely no problems from law enforcement. I would add a couple tips: Keep speed below 65 and never over 65 going down a hill. Watch closely for signs that say steep grade ahead USE LOWER GEARS. If you tow with a diesel put an exhaust brake on it. If your truck is newer that 07.5 and diesel get a tune to add turbo brake. Gas engines have plenty of compression braking. DOWN HILL DRIVING is the most likely place to get trailer sway. Be aware and don't let it happen. Oh, and yes, it's always a relief when I get to a state like Idaho or Wyoming that allow 75 ft length. whew, made it again.
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