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    Hey guys. Wel, I knew sooner or later i would be posting here, bc well, this is the reason i got into this site. Obviously i own a 2002 Cadillac Escalade that i have put through its paces. I have taken her offroading, had her covered in mud from front to back, and gone over major snow mounds just putting out of my garage in the Chicago alleys. Now, I noticed for the last 5 or 6 months I have not heard my compressor kick in. I climb under the back end and see the rear bags are blown out. No surprise to me bc, well, i have beat the hell outta her, and expected something to be bad. No biggie tho. I work for Napa, and i can get both rear shock/bag assemblies for 350. Thats not the issue. After hot wiring the compressor i now know that works. The issue im still worried about is, i know these systems have pressure sensors located in them. 1, does anyone know where these are at?? 2. If i buy the air bags and install them, should the system just start working right off that bat if thats the issue? and Last but not least 3. If it does not work, anyone know where i look to find the issue. I would have to say the system may not have worked in quite a while. I know the compressor works, and the rear bags are bad, and the fronts are ok. Any help in this would be great. I wanna get the suspension system back online, but im worried that im going to drop 350.00 into the rear shocks, and nothing is going to happen. Basically, when i install them, is there anyway i can restart the system? Thanks again guys!!!!!!

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