Anyone with ReadyLift SST kit yet?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by JW2007-6.0, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. JW2007-6.0

    JW2007-6.0 Member

    I am wanting to add the ReadyLift SST kit instead of just the leveling kit. Want it to sit a little higher than the standard leveling kit without a full blown suspension. I have run into a "problem" with the ReadyLift SST kit. I am planning on putting KMC or some other aftermarket flat black wheels on at the same time as the SST. The problem is talking with Readylift tech support says the backspacing on the wheel has to be 5.5". Not more or less or there could be rubbing problems. This is pretty much nearly impossible to find. Anyone have one installed that has come across this? If so please post pictures and let me know what brand wheels and backspacing have worked. I am going to run 285/65/18 tires on flat black wheels.

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  2. dwalsberg

    dwalsberg New Member

    I just ordered the readylift 2.25 leveling kit and I was planning on getting 285/65/18 terra grapplers. From what I have gathered these will fit no problem. I'm guessing that you like the red 2500 silverado on the main web page for readylift? If so I like it too but those tires are trail grapplers.
  3. JW2007-6.0

    JW2007-6.0 Member

    It's not the tires that are the problem. However, it's all of the offset and backspacing that has to be so exact for it to fit proper. Yes, that red one on their page is what I really like.
  4. dwalsberg

    dwalsberg New Member

    I tried to find those same wheels that are on that 2500 and I cant find them on the web smaller than 20"?????
  5. HoopsChevy

    HoopsChevy New Member

    I installed my Leveling kit in January and low it, i have 33x12.5x20 on order with some XD rockstars, will post when i get pics, have a freind that running the same and no rub, offset about 15mm
  6. JW2007-6.0

    JW2007-6.0 Member

    I should have clarified not the 2.25" leveling kit. ReadyLift just came out with one this year for Chevy's that is a leveling/lift hybrid kit. Lifts it 4" in the front and 1.75" in the back. They call it a mild lift.

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