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  1. i've got a list here of some local shows that me and some of the guys on another forum i work are trying to plan some meets at and thought i'd share them with you guys see if maybe we could get a few more trucks at the meets.

    KISR Kite Flight and Car Show 3/28/2009
    Ben Geren Park
    Fort Smith, AR

    April 4
    LETHAL STREET DESGINS will be having a HUGE CAR SHOW on April 4th in Lawton,OK so MARK YOUR CALENDARS. The details are still comming in. This show will flip your world upside down!!
    If you have any questions:
    or check out the club page

    June 6-7
    Okie Showdown

    June 12-13 2009, Historic Downtown Fort Gibson, OK
    15th Annual Fort Gibson Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show
    for more info go to

    Rust to Riches Car Show in Eufaula, OK Saturday July 25th
    For more information contact the Eufaula Area Chamber of Commerce at 918-689-2791.

    Slamily Reunion
    August 1-2 at Columbus Acres in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
    here's the link for the page, it has a lot more info on it

    Oct 10
    October Car Fest
    Plaza Center (Next door to Wal-Mart)
    Mountain Home, AR

    right now i know we're meeting at the KISR show and Slamily Reunion. i personally will probably be at the ones in Fort Gibson and Eufaula. if anyone has any others to add to the list or wants to try and set up a meet at any of these just let me know. we're always glad to meet with anyone and most of the guys i run with are on several forums including here. we don't care what forum people are from as long as they share the same love for trucks we do so do a lot of mixed forum meets. most of our meets are cookouts but we do a little of everything
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    thanks for the heads up. Looks like I'll have a few roads trips coming up!

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