Arkansas/Oklahoma car shows

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  1. I had a few dates on some local shows that I thought I’d share with you guys

    April 19th - Bryant, Arkansas ... Mid State Accessory Center ... Redneck Rollout Hosted by Vertically Challenged car club

    June 13 & 14 - Fort Gibson, Oklahoma ... burnout contest, loud exhaust competition, car show ... for more info go to

    July 26 - Eufaula, Oklahoma ... their Whole Hawg festival is that weekend, there’s a car show and food and stuff on Saturday, for more info go to

    i know there are others but these are the ones i know of right now ... I'll post more when i know about them and if you know of any others please post them.

    we've already got a meet going for the one in Arkansas but if anyone wants to plan a meet at any of the others I'm up for it. as of right now, i plan on being at all of them
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    Very nice! I'll be in Oklahoma this year for College in Moore city in late July but hopefully I will attend one of these events.
  3. cool, if you're plannin on goin to one of them let me know and we can meet up
    i know there are some other ones too so if you cant make these i'm sure you can make some others
  4. no0b123

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    That would be really cool Chris. I'm shooting for the July 26th date but I'll have to let you know later if that works out for me for sure.
  5. alright just let me know

    i just found about another one .....
    June 7- FireLake Grand Casino Shawnee, Oklahoma

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