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Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by MTM, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I gotta admit to previously being an AA user, a few years back I switched to Tire Wet for the tires and using just a clean damp cloth on the interior.
    I've heard but never confirmed using AA on the dash pad will cause it to crack after a while, ahh whatever happened to the days of metal dashboards.
    I'll probably try Pledge next time I detail my truck, sounds like a great alternative.
    A good use I've found for Armor All or any other spray on petroleum base detail product is inside the wheel wells, after washing the truck spray inside the wheel wells and it gives them a nice dark semi gloss look but an added benefit is if ya go out off-road mud it doesnt stick to the surfaces sprayed. And a quick hose down at wash time knocks off all the accumulated dust and road grime.
    Another great product to use thats even cheaper is Baby oil, does the same job at half the price, normally prior to an off-road trip we'll spray a bottle of baby oil all over under the truck, then if ya accidently find some mud while your off road a quick spray with the hose cleans it all off fast.
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    I've recently used started using Turtle Wax Interior Detail and have been satisfied. I believe I will start using the pledge though
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    I started using Armorall when it first came out in the 1970's. And yes, I experienced the dash cracking. Stopped using it, and no more cracks.

    I have used Lexol Vinylex with no cracking issues. Have also started using a product by 3M. But I try not to put anything on the dash and just wipe it off with plain old water. If it needs cleaning, I usually just use that window cleaner that is an aerosol that is safe for plastics, to clean the inside of my front window, and use the falling overspray to wipe down the dash and then follow with a wet towel.

    I think another reason I have not had dash cracks is I always use a window shade when my vehicles are outdoors. My 1994 truck has been outside since I bought it in 1994, and no dash issues whatsoever. I religiously use a window shade.
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    Someone on here posted the idea of pledge multi-surface....tried it over the weekend works great gets the dash clean and left my dash with a little shine
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    Why would a company that makes plastic and vinyl care products make something that does the exact opposite of what it claims? That's a horrible business model, and if it were true, Armor All wouldn't be in business today. The number one cause of cracked dashboards is people using household glass cleaner on their windshields. The ammonia in it will dry out plastic and cause cracking.

    I've used Armor All products on pretty much anything plastic or rubber on my vehicles for 30 years. The plastic parts that have cracked were on things that were like that when I got them.

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    I don't think Pledge has any UV protectants in it. If you're not protecting your dash from it's biggest enemy, you're just wasting your time. And your Pledge.

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    People oil up with baby oil before laying out in the sun, because it helps them get tanner. It seems to me that if you use it on your dashboard, it might cause it to dry out and crack sooner than if you used nothing at all.
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    I used to just go and buy some PAM and spray under the truck before hitting the mud. The mud would never stick. For my dash I have been using Merguires High gloss interior protectant. It has UV protectants in it. Only thing that I do not loke about it is that if you use to much it looks sticky. It is not, but it looks it. I used AA for years. My 1995 silverado was to tall to fit in a garage and sat in the sun constantly with no sun shade. The dash never cracked in it.
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    Old thread but thought I would reply anyway.

    I am not a fan of Amorall. In my opinion it's leaves a greasy/oily/slippery finish and I find it attracts dirt and dust more quickly than simply washing with mild soap and rinsing with water. Soap and water works great for cleaning but doesn't do anything to extend the life of the material or protect it from UV damage. Some of the other methods mentioned in this thread may work well for cleaning but once again they don't provide UV protection.

    With that in mind I'll second the vote for 303 Protectant. There may be better products than 303 but AA is not one of them in my mind. Several items I've purchased for my RV specifically mention 303 Protectant. Maybe it's just marketing but I find 303 doesn't make materials nearly as slippery as AA and 303 doesn't attract nearly as much dust as AA. I'm going on faith that 303 provides UV protection as mentioned on it's label.

    I hadn't ever noticed the GM owner's manual indicating dielectric grease. Maybe I'll give that a try since I need to purchase some grease to protect some connector contacts.
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    I used Armour All back in the day when I did not know better.

    After learning about Meguiar's, I switched and have never looked back. For the dash I use Ultimate Protectant. For paint its Gold Class Car wash, Deep Crystal Polish and Deep Crystal Caranuba Wax. For the wheels I use Hot Rims All Wheel and Tire Cleaner followed by Endurance Tire Gel. I also use the Tire Gel on the rubber parts of the bumpers and exterior black plastic trim. For the tonneau cover I use
    their marine Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner / Conditioner.
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    I have not used AA since 1978. It only lasts for 3 days, is slippery, and attracts dust.

    NEVER put anything highly reflective on the top of the dashboard unless you want the windshield to be obscured by its reflection.

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