Article: 2011 Snow Photos and Video! Remote Start Anyone?

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    Snow Photos and Video - Video Thread

    I'm driving a 2011 Chevy Tahoe Texas Edition for a demo right now. I will get a full review written and posted to the Chevy Tahoe forum on this site in the next few weeks.


    Shouldn't Remote Start be Standard Equipment?!?!
    I mean, how many days like today do you just want the car to start running on it's own? The doors are frozen shut, you can't even get inside to start it up! What better than to stand back with a cup of coffee, start up the vehicle and have it get all toasty warm before you even get in? It's well worth the money for the feature on days like today - OR when it's 130 degrees inside the cab on the hot summer days.

    (More Video to come - check back later today)

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    Steve, I couldn't agree more with how wonderful it would be for remote start to be standard equipment. The extremely frustrating thing is when you find out that you have all the necessary equipment for remote start but that you don't have the remote start key fob. I would have much rather paid an extra $350.00 for those remotes as part of sticker price than have to dish it out after the purchase. It's the same as the DIC issue. Everything you need is already there... for $70, just put the switch on!!! Add a little something extra for your customer, GM.

    /\ The only issue I've ever had with GM. I guess if that's my only complaint, they're doing pretty dang good, though!
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    Yeah, it's just cheaper to build it at the factory that way. I think most vehicles have premium speakers as well (Ford did this) so if you upgrade your stereo then you get the benefit of having the premium speakers without having to do upgrades.

    I recommend everyone take a look at the remote start option on your vehicle. Most of the time you just have to get the Key Fob and have it flashed by your dealer (or someone with a scanner, I think??) and then you're good to go.
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    Hey Steve...just bought the wife a 08 Tahoe Hybrid and it came with the remote start...i never thought i would need it, but now that we have it (just 1 day so far), i think it's was actually kind of cool to start it and let it get warm in the morning before her trek to work...

    I agree with you guys should just be standard nowadays...
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    I used the remote start again this morning and it cleared up the ice that formed overnight. SOOOOO must easier to drink a cup of coffee inside while the car is running and getting warm on the outside.

    Just make certain that you leave the heater turned on before you get out, becuase I'm pretty sure that the remote start will either heat or cool based on your previous settings. So in the summer, leave the AC on to the temp that you want. In the winter, make sure it's on defrost or defrost and floor combo setting and leave the heat on.
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    remote start is great i use mine every day here in the great white north......don't leave your wipers on when you park it or they freeze
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    when we use the autostart in our 09 impala it automatically turns on defrost and fan to high not sure if it puts the heat at max or not but as soon as you hit the key it goes back to the settings you had it at.

    and i actually hate the factory autostart horrible range and the one way remote bothers me, it might be that i have an astrostart in my truck and that has a two way remote so you know if it started or not, and i can start it inside a building a couple hundred yards away. needless to say the impala will be getting an astrostart before next winter
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