Article: Video Shows Ohio Cop Grow Irate During Arrest ~ Threatens to Kill Motorist

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by ChevyFan, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. ChevyFan

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    Video Shows Ohio Cop Grow Irate During Arrest ~ threatens to kill motorist

    This was a big story on FoxNews and I watched it. Looks like this cop has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, I know he's doing his job and maybe it's a bit of profiling on his part, I don't know. But he did say some pretty surprising things. Looks like the guy tried to say that he was carrying a concealed weapon, but he got cut off. Then when he got around to it, the cop freaked out and talked to this guy like he was a gangbanger who just did a drive-by.

    What does everyone think? I know we have some cops and former cops on the site, thoughts?

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    Yeah, not good for a cop to have someone in custody and threaten them and ask them if they want a gun put to their head.

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    Plus, calling him a stupid human being ... well, that's just comical. Looks like this dude needs some R&R and maybe some anger management classes. Might be a good cop, but he crossed a couple of lines in this exchange.

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    sigh ... I guess there is no two ways around it. The cop said that he was going to execute a cuffed prisoner in the back of his squad car.
  2. dsfloyd

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    I'm typically one to give officers the benefit of the doubt, because of their job and the stuff they have to put up with and the dangers involved. You couldnt hear much in the beginning but it did look like every time he tried to say something the cop did cut him off, but he should have kept at it in my opinion on informing the cop.
  3. Steeler Ray

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    ASS...Complete ASS. That cop has no right to act that way. If he'd a done his job right, he would not have had to freak out like that. I'm not a cop but everyone knows you secure all the individuals before climbing into the back seat. I know it's a tuff job but give me a break. Hope he was
    reprimanded for his actions!
  4. Megasaurus

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    He was justified in arresting him according to Ohio law, but he did a bunch of things that are not acceptable at all, and in fact he could face charges himself.

    First, he did not appear to read the driver his miranda rights. That may have been done after he was got back into the car, but he told the guy that he was going to face a felony, which means that he was going to arrest him. Right then and there he should have read him his miranda rights, so the driver could have had the opportunity to refuse to answer questions at that point. This is a MAJOR civil rights violation if it did not happen, I hope for the sake of the officer that it did.

    Secondly, no one can threaten to harm or kill someone without due cause, not even a peace officer, especially when the suspect has been neutralized and is in custody. Now, in the "heat of conflict" an officer (or a homeowner) can tell someone that they are about to get shot if the situation calls for it - and I think we can come up with any number of situations that call for it from protecting human life and property and more. But for a police officer to tell someone that what he should have done was execute him and not lose any sleep over it ... that's just going beyond the pale of what is acceptable behavior in society.

    Carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Ohio is legal. Therefore, when the person came out of his vehicle with his hands up in the air, and notified the police office that he was carrying a concealed weapon, the officer did the right thing and took control of the situation and he felt like the driver did not notify him soon enough ... but he's a dumbass if he only thinks that there is the possibility of being shot if the driver gives notification. He's also a dumbass if he forgot that he was being recorded when he lost his cool. Oh, and let's not forget the illegal search and seizure of property that appears to have been caught on tape.

    Plus, he threatened one of the passengers and said that he was going to put some "lumps" on her. Meaning that if she was otherwise peacefully living her life and being outside (which she has the right to do) then he would assault her to the point of causing lumps, I assume with his fists or nightstick.
  5. cmcimino

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    This cop needs to go to a mental institution. He acted completely out of hand. I've experienced policeman before and they were *******s to me, but never like this. Telling your going to execute someone is just crazy! Maybe the cop should do proper procedure next time and let the driver talk especially after he is asked a question. Your definitely not going to get the truth from someone when you don't let them speak. I could go on and on about this video, but bottom line he acted way out of hand!
  6. sstoner911

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    Law enforcement is like any other job in the sense you always have the ones who you sit back and ask "how did this idiot get hired?" have em where you work!
  7. Blackout07

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    Apparently these guys are trying to operate around recent case law decisions. I would never conduct a wingspan search like that unless I had a cover officer with the occupant, and even then I'd be hesitant. The driver obviously had the hooker's pimp in his car and was working out the details when the officer pulled up. And contrary to popular belief, Miranda isn't necessary for all arrests. Anyway, the officer blew a gasket and his partner should've pulled him to the side and taken over for him. Everybody gets mad and has a bad day, and unfortunately for him...his bad day was caught on camera. He needs to learn self control.
  8. ChevyFan

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    Well, Miranda is a safeguard against having a case thrown out becuase we have a constitutionally protected right to non-incrimination per the fifth ammendment, so if being asked questions by the police, reading Miranda to the suspect/arrestee in custody means that they have simply been told of their rights.

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    What I find alarming if the way that the officer talked to this motorist. Even if he was guilty of the crime of solicitation, and even if he failed to notify the officer of the fact that he was legally carrying a concealed handgun ... still does not give the office the right to tell a person who is confined to his patrol car that he should have executed him on the spot, for a misdemeanour nonetheless.
  9. Kenny Wood

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    the cop was right to act the way he did, but was totally wrong about how he approached the vehicle in the first place... doing his job was second on his mind IMO, first was intimidation and thats what lead to the problem.
  10. dsfloyd

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    Just to throw in a argument. Since he was totally wrong about how he approached the vehicle in the first place the situation was his own doing, so no he didnt have the right to act the way he did. But like I said in the previous post, even though the cop kept cutting off the driver he should have continued to try and tell him he was armed, but on the other hand he tried to tell the cop and he was ordered by the cop to shut up every time he tried to say anything.

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