Assault Rifle Ban in NY

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by the phantom, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Hana!! Epic
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    hey, the nothern 2/3s of cali are ok, and most of NY state is fine. lets just sell those areas....

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    Nope, because ALL of CA and NY are running ugly deficits. If you ditch them then you ALSO ditch their entitlement programs, mentalities, AND their debt. Maybe Canada wants to expand and is in a buying mood? Both states are, after all, trending toward socialism...
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    Gee thanks, just go sell me off. Ha, can ya really sell something that is in the negative. Kind of like selling a bad loan to a collector I guess.

    There are a couple of gun rallys going on this weekend in the state.
    There is a lawyer that is persuing a class action lawsuit stating the 2nd ammendment has been violated with the new law.
    Also the NYS police have issued a statement that all law officials are exempt from the ammunition restriction regardless of what the law says. As we/they all know they are above the law uniform or not.
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    fair enough.

    maybe we can sell Massachusetts while we are at it. that states getting almost as bad as NY and CA.

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    I agree 100%.
    Gun bans have had some positive results in places, England being one place where guns are not the predominant weapon used in crimes, but England has had a ban in place many years and their simply werent that many hand guns in the country when the ban was placed, so it was easier to disarm the populace. Other countries that have placed bans in recent years actually show increases in violence with guns.
    Military or Public govt. service should not be a reason to allow someone to posses a weapon, it's not how our Constitution was written.
    Legal voters need to be aware also that just because someone calls themselves a Republican doesnt mean their supporting your rights to the 2nd Amendment, just by abstaining from a vote they also give your rights away. The public needs to quit being narrow minded and only listening to what politicians are saying and start looking at what they've done and what their doing, every politician in office has been caught in a lie at one time or another and when it comes to protecting your rights their not to be trusted, they need someone watching them to ensure they act positively in our interests.

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    As an ex Northern Ca. resident I can tell you dump the whole state, it's a write off, up north they act like they dont want the govt. thats being dispensed in Sacramento but when the time came to vote for something better they made their choice to continue with the same garbage that put the state in the situation it's in.
    Years ago I thought you could cut Ca. in two making 2 separate states and Northern Ca. would be better off on their own but over the years I've come to realize the stupidity is spread evenly across the state.
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    Maryland is getting as bad as NY. I think I'm moving back to Wyoming. Wyoming is what America was, is their motto.
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    Me too, might be the republic of Texas soon. Which I'd be fine with

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