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Discussion in 'Other GM Cars' started by ChevyFan, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Verizon is the 800lb gorilla and ATT isn't sitting still. 2million net adds in Q3 vs VZW's 1.2 million. Verizon is really envious of ATT's runaway success with the iPhone.

    ATT has sold so many iPhones you don't really need one. When I'm out and about with friends and I'm in the mood to try a new restaurant, all I have to do is wonder out loud, "I wonder where a good Chinese restaurant is?" and inevitably 2 or 3 people will whip out their iPhone and say "I have an app for that" and they are glad to look up whatever you want!:rofl:
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    those commercials always make me laugh..verizon doesnt even get a signal once you leave the city limits of huntsville.out where i live, guess who has a signal?you guessed it..AT&T!however verizons map doesnt even show ATT has coverage..i personally caught em in their lie!haha

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