Attempted Theft - Damaged Steering Column - 1996 Chevy Suburban

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  1. TheMysteryMan

    TheMysteryMan New Member

    From a first time poster

    Hello fellow forum members, I need your help. Someone unsuccessfully attempted to steal my next door neighbors 1996 Chevy Suburban and badly damaged the wiring and other parts. He is not mechanically inclined, had no insurance coverage for this, and cannot afford to get it fixed.

    I would like to help him. To do so I need to locate (1) a picture of the internal parts of the steering column (2) a wiring diagram of this area.
    (3) What other model years would have identical parts to this 1996 Suburban? Can any of you tell me where I can locate any of these things?

    IF you have other additional information that you think might help me please feel free to do so.

    This is my first post ever to this forum so I hope that my post is appropriate. If I need to make any changes in future posts please let me know and I will do so.

    I am very grateful for any help that any of you can offer.

    Sincerely, TheMysteryMan
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  2. ChevyFan

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    That sucks, what were they trying to do - hotwire it? I'm sure that someone here will step up to the plate and help out.
  3. TheMysteryMan

    TheMysteryMan New Member

    Steve, Yes that appears to be what they were trying to do. As messed up as everything was it appears it was probably someone very inexperienced, possibly very young.
  4. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Probably some teenagers on a first time car jack. I do hope the police were called and a case was opened. If you can give us a few pictures of the steering column and whats damaged, I'm sure we can help point you in the right direction. Do keep us informed and also, welcome aboard the GMTC, great group of people here and always willing to help out with any problems.
  5. TheMysteryMan

    TheMysteryMan New Member

    rileyjr16 or Charles, Yes a police report was made. I have not asked but I doubt the police even came out to make a report.
    It is becoming more and more common for them to take property damage reports of less than a couple of thousand dollars by

    My digital camera is out of condition at this time and my digital phone has no camera so I will probably not post pictures as
    you suggested.

    But if other members could help me locate the 3 items I asked for in this original thread I think that I could help my neighbor.

    I would be very appreciative for the help of anyone that can supply any one of those 3 things. I am confident that there
    are some good people that are members of this forum that will step forward to supply that information. I patiently await
    their response to this thread.
  6. Pikey

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    I believe that all 95-98 and some 99 fullsize trucks will use the same parts. I had to do a theft repair on a 1995 silverado, I just ended up buying a harness from the dealer it was around $80. It ran from the ignition switch, around the column to somewhere under the dash.(it was a long time ago so I don't remember exactly). Basically it replaced all the wires from the ignition switch. Can you just match up wire colors and reconnect them?
    Here is a quick description of the wires in the column.

    You can always search websites of remote start or alarm manufactures to find better diagrams. If you sign up on autozones website they claim that they have free vehicle specific wiring diagrams
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  7. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller Rockstar 100 Posts

    Or you could just go to the junkyard and get another column.
  8. Crawdaddy

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    I would have to agree that depending on the amount of damage to the wiring and column, it might be easier to get a new wiring harness and/or column from a junkyard. It should be easily found and be reasonably priced. The wiring harness goes from the ignition switch and turn signal down to a 20 pin or so multi-connector at the base of the column just under the dash. It would give me a lot better feeling than a ton of splices in the column.
  9. TheMysteryMan

    TheMysteryMan New Member

    Pikey, You offered multiple suggestions, all of them good, but the best of all was "If you sign up on autozones website they claim that they have free vehicle specific wiring diagrams". I did this and I was very impressed with the number of schematics or diagrams they had for this vehicle. If you just visit their website and look for a wiring diagram you can not even tell that they have one for this vehicle or any other vehicle. But once you create an account so that you have access to their assorted online repair guides then you can locate assorted wiring diagrams that are specific vehicle diagrams. I am very grateful for this suggestion.

    If anyone needs a wiring diagram for any vehicle I would encourage them to go to Auto Zone and sign up. Membership is FREE - a cost that I can afford.

    To sign up go to this URL
    After you sign up then go the "Repair Help" section to access the wiring diagrams and many "How To" Repair Guides

    Pikey, Thank you very much for this suggestion.

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    Yes Chris, that has been an option from the very beginning and we may end up taking that option if a simpler solution is not available.

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    Crawdaddy, this may be the final course selected. These thieves damaged more than the wiring. If we cannot come up with a picture to see exactly what is missing then we will likely go to the junkyard just to get a look at a steering column to take a few pictures of what was there before these vandals damaged, destroyed & removed parts.

    Thank you for your suggestions & thoughts.
  10. Pikey

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