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    I have been doing some extensive research on the whole subwoofer box space and fitment issue for our regular cab trucks. To know avail, as we are all aware of is that there are just not really any feasible options with the placement of such boxes.

    Construction: So far this is only for the new body style trucks
    Well I have constructed a few prototype boxes that I have fitted into my own regular cab silverado. These boxes are not the run of the mill "some kid put together in a garage" box. These boxes are not screwed together, they are glued and sealed at every joint. They are hand-built by myself alone with very expensive tools I purchased over time. The materials are cut, routed, sanded, sealed/primed and finished with high grade automotive vinyl (padded and non padded). I do not carpet or paint these boxes. However if you wish to buy these boxes unfinished, that is an option as well.

    This box(s) fits snuggly behind the center jump seat and between the drivers and passengers seats, which of course sits on the floor behind everything. Placing the box here actually gives the driver and passenger the leg room back, while utilizing wasted space behind the center console/seat area. The upper portion of this box curves into the rear moulding just under the window and has that "made for the truck" look, especially when I have matched the vinyl color along with the texture with the rest of the interior truck moulding. (I am still experimenting with color options)

    Im trying to get pictures uploaded for everyone to see. All I can say is that there is nothing like it anywhere that I've seen. There will be more to follow on this throughout this week and next week. Im trying to keep the cost down to everyone who will want one. I have got a lot of positive feedback from the local truck owners and was advised to try to "bring it to market". So i would certainly appreciate any feedback you guys and girls might have. If you'd like to email me directly with questions, thats fine too my email is Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. I hope to hear from you.

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