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Discussion in 'CO - Colorado Chevy Truck Fans' started by WaldoAZ, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. WaldoAZ

    WaldoAZ New Member

    Hey guys.

    If your reading this then im hoping you are from Colorado and near Englewood.

    The reason i am in need of your help is that i have recently sent my tails lights and third brake lights to get smoked to a guy who claims to own a shop called Mile High Detail Center. This place is located in Englewood Colorado.

    He has an ebay store and has good feedback, but he has failed to answer my e-mails and to send back my tails lights. I am guessing that he is trying to scam me for my tails. I paid him for the work via paypal so i know ill get the money back, but im pretty sure he will keep the tails and third brake light.

    I have his address and just need somone to go down there on my behalf (Tell him your my causin) to find out what the status of my tails is.

    Please i fsomeone can help me that would be great.

    Please respond or hit me via PM.

    Thanks guys

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