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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by jmonte3, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. jmonte3

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    K so i already have and audio system, but the sound quality is not up to i'm looking for a lil help from an audio guru...My set up consists of:
    • 2 10 " Solo-Baric L7's 600 watt rms/1200 watt peak dual 4-ohm voice coils
    • Pioneer Avic D-3 navi/dvd head unit
    • 1 pair Alpine Type-X compnent 2-way speakers(75 watt)
    • 1 Pair of alpine Type-r speakers in the back doors(100 watt)
    • Total Mobile Audio T1000-Power: 500-1000 Watts 500 W x 1 @ 4 Ohm 750W x 1 @ 2 Ohm 1000W x 1 @ 1 Ohm
    I know my amp is too blame for my less than desirable sound quality...idk its kinda sloppy,I want everything to be powered correctly
    Thinking of upgrading to this:
    or even possibly this:

    your help will be much appreciated, because i plan on upgrading soon
  2. MannyO

    MannyO New Member

    quick question. do you have everything hooked up to the same amp? from the specs it looks like you have a mono block amp that only pushes 1000 watts if your 1ohm stable. your trying to feed a set of subs that need 1200 watts rms. with the 2 dual voice coils 4 ohm if you wire them in parrallel to the mono block you should get a 2 ohm stable load and be able to power the subs with the kicker pzr. look at your speakers installation guide and it will refer you on how to connect your subs to a specific ohm setup.
  3. Z28Johnny

    Z28Johnny New Member

    What part of the system is not up to par? From your set up it looks like you are powering the fronts and rears off of the deck. If this is true and it was me, this would be the biggest issue. If you want loud, clear music all of the speaker need some power going to them. Subwoofers just need power and to have the gain and frequency adjusted correctly.

    Buy a good quality 4 channel amp first.

  4. SCAIR001

    SCAIR001 New Member

    Even if you wire the subs series paralell you will only end up with a 4 ohm load. Either need different amp or single voice coil speakers
  5. MannyO

    MannyO New Member

    o yeah sorry bro. you can use the speakers you have with the alpine pdx because it is 4ohm stable and gives you 1000 watts rms. the only problem i see is you will be at the max of the amp and not get the full potential of the subs. z28 johnny has a point though your other speakers need some umphh to them. maybe thats where your sound is lacking. and somthing else i forgot to ask are you running your amp and subs as a 1ohm setup?
  6. Z28Johnny

    Z28Johnny New Member

    I get a little confused on the parallel/series thing, but I believe he can wire his current set up to 1ohm. He has 2 dual voice coil 4ohm subs. Parallel the 2 voice coils of each sub together, this will give him two 2ohm subs. Then parallel those two subs together to give you 1 ohm. Right?

    Honestly though you would get more bass if you just did one of those L7's and the amp you have. You'd be giving more power to the one sub. That L7 is more than capable of making obscene bass all by itself, two won't really do much more for you... Honestly!

    Instead of spending $500 on a new amp, spend $50 on a new box for just one of your subs (save the second one as a back up or give to a friend) and spend $250 on a Hifonics 4 channel amp for your speakers. The sound will be way better, the bass will hit harder, your box will be taking up less room, and best of all your wallet will be fatter.

  7. Z28Johnny

    Z28Johnny New Member

  8. sstoner911

    sstoner911 New Member

    You didnt mention the type of box and where you have it. An incorrect size box can really make those subs under perform - I have two L7 *
    8" and the need lots of power and air space.
  9. jmonte3

    jmonte3 New Member

  10. crazi

    crazi New Member

    If your thinking it overall sound not just the subs, I'd look for an Amp to run your speakers off of. What size Type R's are the 5.25 or 6.5?? Are the Coaxial or Component?? The TypeR is a really power hungry speaker. My friend has two set of 5.25 coaxial in his Hyundai Accent running off an Alpine 240watt amp 4 channel. They are extremely clean and ear peircing.
  11. jmonte3

    jmonte3 New Member

    they are 6.5 coxials...
    how would i run power to my speakers if i got another amp?
    i'm not all that audio savy, and they are already mounted in my truck doors
  12. crazi

    crazi New Member

    Get a 4 channel amp with suffiecent power, obviously power it off of the battery(you'll have to ground it). What you do is run a remote wire from back of head unit to the amp power. This just turns the amp on when you turn your head unit on. Next you'll have to run Signal wires (red and white) from the back of the unit to the amp. Next take 14ga wire and run a wire to each speaker. Running thicker gauge wire will help the power flow. Obviously look at the amp mainly on how to wire it correctly. Just a side note: You never want to up your gain to much. Mainy people do cause it louder but, long term it will blow your speakers. My friend does all my audio. Its his hobby. I just watch but its not to hard just make sure + to + and - to -.. Haha. Hopefully this has help you out. Not sure what amp you should get, try a Car audio forum.
  13. jmonte3

    jmonte3 New Member

    thanks that helped alot:sign0011:
  14. jtriplett

    jtriplett New Member

    If the amplifier is truly 1ohm stable, then your simplest option is to wire all four sub voice coils in parallel (all positive terminals connected together into one, and all negative terminals connected together into one). The only way a single sub could match or outperform a pair is with a ported box, or some other more exotic design. But since you have the two subs, there is no reason not to use both of them.

    As a couple of people mentioned, get an amp for the midrange/high speakers. No matter what the manufacturer of your radio claims, it cannot possibly have more than 12-15 watts TOTAL power. Amplifiers need switching power supplies and transistors to produce real power, both of which take up space and produce heat, so the extra real estate is necessary.

    Another limitation that the second amp will cure is being able to remove the low-frequency (bass) information from the midrange speakers. This will prevent them from becoming damaged and allow you to play the system loude.

    Hope this helps

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