Nomination August 2012 ROTM Nominations - Nominate your favorite rides here!

Discussion in 'Ride Of The Month' started by mfleetwood, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. ChromeSilver02

    ChromeSilver02 New Member

    I will second nominations for dsfloyd and Sarge
  2. SWAT13

    SWAT13 New Member

    This is a sweet truck........ [MENTION=28093]DIGS16[/MENTION]

  3. AnimalYates

    AnimalYates New Member

    I would like to nominate Donyms! Still not quite sure how he hasn't won yet!

  4. Cheez

    Cheez Member



    I would also nominate sevi084x4. His ride is looking good.
  6. DIGS16

    DIGS16 New Member

    Thanks [MENTION=53586]SWAT13[/MENTION]....
  7. mfleetwood

    mfleetwood Moderator

    Great nominations so far, let's keep them coming. I especially like the variety that's developing here.
  8. AMac

    AMac New Member

    I'll second the nom. for [MENTION=28093]DIGS16[/MENTION] I love the wheels and it's good to see chrome :great:
  9. GMCErica

    GMCErica New Member

    Well Adam has my vote ( [MENTION=37125]sevi084x4[/MENTION] ) ... good luck dude!!
  10. TexasTechRaider

    TexasTechRaider New Member

    How has @donyms not won yet? I nominate him as well as @sevi084x4 both trucks look amazing!
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2012
  11. donyms

    donyms New Member

    Thank you @AnimalYates @Cheez and @TexasTechRaider for the nominations. It really means allot to be noticed by people that have such nice rides. Thanks Guys. :glasses:
  12. AMac

    AMac New Member

    If there is still time I'd like to nominate @donyms as well. I've always like this truck!
  13. AMac

    AMac New Member

    For the August ROTM can you please make sure the home page is updated? June is still up. I think that having the homepage up to date for current ROTM contest may affect the vote count.

    Thank you kindly,
  14. AMac

    AMac New Member

    Hello...Will there be an August ROTM?
  15. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 New Member

    been wondering this myself.

  16. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    Excellent question!
  17. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member

    I, too, am curious, as nearly 1/5th the month is gone, already.
  18. Coach24

    Coach24 New Member

    An counting away.............
  19. Ariner1979

    Ariner1979 New Member

    I would like to go back a couple gm generations and nominate myself
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2012
  20. 4x4squared

    4x4squared New Member

    So are the nominations closed yet? if not id like to 2nd [MENTION=55771]Ariner1979[/MENTION] .... tired of seein nothin but new trucks in here.
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