Auto Chips direct Chips ??

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Marc L, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Marc L

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    Has anyone tried these chips ??
  2. andwenus

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    Auto Chips Direct

    Yes, I purchased a Auto Chips Direct and they do not work. Read elsewhere to find this out for yourself. Stay away from this product. You cannot purchase a $60 piece of performance equipment and expect it to work. Save your money until you can afford the real deal.
  3. nonnieselman

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    Here is one thats the same thing except different sticker..

    (Copy/Paste from another forum where i posted it up)

    Guy talked my buddy into buying one these things off ebay.


    So he buys it and puts it on. I get a text message yesterday and he says his truck wont idle good.
    So he rides down and hooked my laptop to it.
    He tells me about this lil contraption so i took it off and truck still dont wanna idle right.
    Got my meter out and tested it, haha yea, talk about a rip. $30 down the drain.
    Opened it up and this is what i find.
    Its a a 16 pin Dip. 39K ohms Resistor. Wires soldered to pins 1 and 16. cant find a value for what it should be. kinda curious as to what his rip off is suppose to read and trick the PCM into what IAT reading.

    i tried testing it and it read 35 ohms one time but couldnt get a reading again.
    So basically $30 got him a cool lil black box with 2 wires, and a DIP resistor in epoxy with awesome sticker..

    2 minutes of looking online and what do ya know!!!!

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