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  1. WhiteRice

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    Hey all,

    I was thinking with my free time I might like to dabble in auto paint. I have a few old trucks and cars and a few little mud toys that could use a paint job. Rather than paying a few grand for each I was thinking I might look in to doing it myself. Only problem is I'm having trouble finding out what type of spray gun would be best suited for this. Anyone got any idea of what kind of spraying I should purchase and what other supplies I might want to pick up?

    Thanks all,
    hope you all have happy holidays!
  2. Dana W

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    You'll want to research water based auto paints. The chemical based paints are almost illegal now. You also won't need any special space suit breathing gear to spray the stuff on a car in your own garage.

    There are many mfg's of water based spray equipment. Take a look at PPG Industries. They are leaders in the industry. They make the paint and can tell you what to use to apply it.
  3. tbplus10

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    I've done a small amount of painting, mostly with petroleum based paints, just enough painting to find out I suck at it and should leave quality paint jobs to a paint shop.
    As Dana W stated water based paints are where the trend is going, less hazardous waste, easier cleanup, minor air quality issues to worry about.
    Some of the cautions and issues remain the same, I'd still use a paint suit to prevent overspray from my cloths, a mask would be a good idea since I'm sure years from now someone will find these paints cause some type of damage to your body, I havent found anyone recommending Positive Pressure systems (mask or suit) so its probably ok to use free flow mask's but the professionals would know much better than me.
    As far as guns I prefer gravity feed paint guns, DeVilbliss is probably the best on the market and if you look around you should be able to find one at an affordable price. There are some differences between guns used for petroleum based and water based, I'm not sure of all the differences so it'd be best to decide which paint type you'll be using and consult a professional about the requirements.
  4. aloxdaddy99

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    For the paintwork I did on the under hood plastic of my truck I used a small touch up gun from Lowe's. It is a gravity feed gun. They have a larger gun that I was looking to get. The price was the main reason I went with the one I got. Another reason was availability. If I was to do more painting I would look toward the DeVilbis (sp) guns.
  5. Rockstar 100 Posts

    I use an old siphon feed devilbiss which works great, and I also have several older develbiss gravity feed guns that are nice as well. Since your just starting out I would use a starting line gravity gun, which is a devilbiss made product at an affordable price (less than $100.00) for the gun.

    I've never shot water based paint, all I have heard is it has a longer learning curve for shooting the clear coat. I buy all my paint from the ppg store, here is a little tip for you to check out.

    PPG paint cost (pint $90.00 and up) (quart $300 and up)
    Shop line Plus (PPG off brand) (pint $25.00 and up) (quart $69.00 and up) (gallon $179.00 and up)

    I have always used shop line products my whole life 40 plus years, I do base coat clear coat, I try to stay away from tri-coat as its harder to get right.

    Bottom line is it doesn't matter what paint you use, if you skimp on prep work your paint job will suffer. Hope this helps, everyone has to start somewhere...

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