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  1. Rugby Wallaby

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    Some questions regarding the Auto Ride option for Chevy Surburban SLE 6.0L 4WD (2004 model). With rear locking differential.

    Is this option any good, particularly on 2500 series trucks?
    Compressor resilient or does it crap itself regularly?
    Repairable or just buy new unit? Approx cost?
    Would be using truck in fairly tough terrain - does the auto ride option handle the rough stuff?
    I want to get as much ground clearance as possible, so can I put a 3" body lift on the truck with auto-ride or does this stuff up the auto-ride sensors and performance?

    What size tyres give the best ride vs. best performance in the dirt? Plenty of standard road miles with plenty of desert & off-road stuff. Over here (KSA) the desert is predominantly limestone base with heavy sections of rock hard volcanic basalt that gets unbelievably baking hot, and then of course humongous sand dunes (150- 200 metres high).

    Interesting the Bedouin (traditional desert tribes) use a large tyre with only three grooves cut into it (all around the circumference - no tread). I believe it so the tyre does not dig itself into the sand. They drive many hundreds of kilometres into the desert on these - but these guys are crazy. The amount of abandoned & destroyed 4WD you see littered across the desert and dunes is amazing.

    Regular event occurs over here where Bangladeshi / Pakistani / Yemeni labourers trying to get into Saudi for work (better pay). They get lost in the desert (coming over from Yemen) and their bodies get discovered many weeks later - perfectly preserved but dried out like prunes. Two weeks ago, 17 of these blokes rolled their old sh*t box truck trying to cross the dunes at night, a couple killed on site, the rest tried to walk out - all perished and found within 8-12 kms of the wreck.

    Crazy stuff, but I suppose where they are coming from is so bad and they get paid such crap wages that anything is better. The risk for us is that not everyone is whom they seem. Anyways Ramadan (fasting for a month) is coming to an end and we are coming into Eid (meaning festival) holidays. Kinda like our Christmas (but of course with no Christ), decorations up everywhere, shops going crazy, people going crazy, fireworks everywhere - imagine how all of us react when you are walking down the street and you hear the dull broad thump of a huge fireworks mortar firing off. I also look to see who "ducks and covers" when the locals starting letting them off - and then I realise that I am doing exactly the same thing. Aaahh well better to be safe than sorry, not real cool to be wearing Kevlar when you are going grocery shopping though. The bomb that went of in Damascus the other day has got some people over here a bit nervous though.

    That's enough blurb for now .... will wait for the auto-ride and tyre response.

    C YA.
  2. Jacqson

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    If you're thinking about a 2500 don't bother with the Autoride, it's a pain in the a$$ and is very expensive to fix if it breaks down. To the tune of $400.00 USD for 1 shock.

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