Auto ride problems on 05 Yukon XL 1500

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by joscibo, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. joscibo

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    Autoride compressor no longer functions and the shocks need replacing. Looking for advise on a economical fix. Used compressor and new shocks? Aftermarket shocks that have a way of fooling the computer that it is functioning? Used compressor on car-part are available but I'm not sure if it would pay if it will be short lived? Is the compressor able to be rebuilt?
  2. Pikey

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    You could always buy a set of standard bilstein shocks and install them. You will then have an annoying service ride control light or message. You can buy a pack of resistors at radio shack (around $4) and install them on the sensor wires to get rid of the light. I will try to find the post that says what resistors to use.

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    it looks like 10W 2.2ohm resistors will work. Check out this thread, post #2 personally I would go with bilstein rather than monroe.
  3. joscibo

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    I thought I would bring this back up. I just had a quote on replacing the compressor and shocks! Ouch! $1800 to get it back on track. Does a guy but a compressor off of car-part and shocks as well? Used shocks concern me a bit and I'm sure the compressor failed because of a constant run if the shocks were leaking. Is there a way to test the shocks or do I buy a used compressor and see if my shocks will still function? If the shocks are bad I can buy new or used at that time?
  4. Pikey

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    personally, I would just do away with the system all together as I stated above. You are looking at around $360 for 4 new bilstein shocks and 2 new bilstein rear coil springs. The new rear air ride shocks alone will cost you that.

    I have not seen compressor rebuild kits. you could probably run air from a garage compressor to check the shocks. But, if it is a slow leak you may never find it. I would not waste the money. Arnott makes replacement air shocks for it, but they are $350 for the kit. not worth it in my opinion. I would not buy used, you may just be wasting money on someone elses problem.
  5. joscibo

    joscibo New Member

    346.JPG 070.JPG 072.JPG 075.JPG I decided to sell the 05 Yukon XL and bought a rust free2000 Suburban LT from North Carolina. It has coil over shocks o avoid his problem down he road. It has 169,000 miles and has had the tranny rebuilt in the last 4 months and both leather front seats have been redone. I had a good friend go look at it and when he meets up with us on our hunting trip he is going to deliver it to us here in Wisconsin. I will be on this forum more often as this will be the family rig for a while. The wheels on he white one I sold with it but I will be getting another set similar probably this winter. The bLack one is the new one.

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