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  1. mike042

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    hey all whats your opinion on going to dealer or transmission specialilty garage for trans flush and check up ? ive heard it can be tricky and i want it done right. i have 2004 tahoe z71 5.3 gas eng any thoughts about (ammco) vs dealer oh ya its at 118000 miles
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  2. dsfloyd

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    whats the mileage on the truck? some say that with the higher mileage on a vehicle a flush can cause leaks due to removing some gunk that may be sealing it. I still tend to take work to the stealership if its something I am not comfortable doing or dont have time/tools to do it.
  3. Conlan Rose

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    Tranny flushes can be iffy it matters on how and what they are doing. At my local shop they have a very high tech flush system that removes almost all of the old fluid even from the torque converter and then refills it with new fluid. I also had them replace the filter because it was the factory one. The dealer usually does the same as my shop with a full flush. The flush wont hurt the tranny it will only reveal problems that already existed because of wear.
  4. adampaul1964

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    Depends on who you're comfortable with, I went to high school with the service manager at my dealer so I can trust him with my vehicles. I had the same concerns when I had mine done, it had over 90,000 on it at the time and the recommended mileage for tranny flush is 70,000. He told me that if the fluid smelled burned at all they wouldn't flush it, luckily fluid was fine so they went ahead and flushed it, been fine since, no leaks and runs good, have 135,000 on it now. Aamco has always had a reputation of being shady but that's my opinion based on the local shop.
  5. KyleZ71

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    I had one done on mine before it hit 100,000. The rado and the tranny is still kicking. Of course this was mine and may not work the same for you.

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