Auto Vent Shade Removal Tips?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Hwy St*r, May 14, 2009.

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    Recently got a coupon for free hand car wash so I took my '05 Silverado well they use these big broom like brushes and one of the guys must have hit the back corner/end of the passenger side AVS visor and cracked the end right off! The manager upon being informed immediately offered to pay for replacement and installation. Great to know someone still has good business practices. He was so nice about it I told him I would do the install myself afterall how hard can it be? Any tips for removal of the old from those who have done it? Plus any tips to make the re-install easier would also be appreciated.

    Thanx, -Pete.

    BTW: They did a really nice job cleaning the truck up
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    You can use a hair dryer to warm it up , that will loosen the adhesive enough where you can pull the old one off. With the left over adhesive you can either get an aresol adhesive remover or 3m make a sponge like adhesive remover that you can attach to a drill. After you get all the old stuff off, just make sure the area is clean, i believe the shade comes with an alcohol pad as well to insure a clean surface. then its all peel and stick! Ill be replaceing my passenger side one soon as well, unfortunatly i did the same thing cleaning it my self :grrrrrr:. Good luck!

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