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  1. thejms

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    In my 02 Sierra, I have the automatic headlights. I was wondering if I would incorporate a switch to turn these on and off as needed. Just a single inline toggle switch? The reason being, I live on a military installation and they require you to turn off your headlights as you approach the gate. I have noticed the guards getting increasingly aggrovated as I pull up to the gate with my lights on.

    Now I realize that you can push the dome light switch 4x to turn this feature of. However, this is just a pain in the rear really. Not only that, I dont want to wear out that push switch having to push it 20+ times a day.

    If this is possible could someone please point out the correct wire I can install an inline toggle switch on. Thanks.
  2. Springthing

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    Have never done it before and certainly not with such a vehicle with automatic lights.. but placing something to interrupt the circuit should be rather easy, if you have played with wired and switches before.

    Right off the top of my head I would wire it up like any other light setup. That is...

    -Finding the wire for the low beams coming from your headlights (simple enough)
    -Cut the wires to the headlights
    -Run the wire from the lights to one side of a relay
    -Run the other now-cut end to the other side of the relay (that should place the switch to interrupt the signal. Now, to turn the 'switch' on and off...

    -Put a rocker switch in the truck
    -Ground one side of the switch
    -Run the other side of the switch up through the firewall and to the (-) pole of the relay
    -Run a wire from the (+) battery terminal, through an inline fuse, to the (+) pole of the relay

    .... I think that's it?

    Difficult for me to think too deeply this morning but I'm hoping others will correct me.

    OH! And I guess you could run a hefty switch as well - one that could just handle all the amps. The car start switches (available from auto parts stores for about $10 or so?) may be able to handle all the amps.

    Just split the wires to your low beams as before. Solder and tape length of wires from both the newly cut ends and run them to the cab of the truck. Then place both the wires on both sides of the switch.

    This is the same thing, essentially, as above but the relay method is preferable.

    Oh! And make sure to put inline fuses for the second one, as well.
  3. thejms

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    Wow that kind of sounds confusing LOL. Honestly I am not new but certainly not a pro at wiring and such. I was thinking in terms of something on the simple side. Such as just find a wire the applied power the the lights and cutting it, putting some wire terminals on it, placing a toggle switch inline and will just break the circuit once flipped.

    Its a good thing I asked. Nothing is every as easy as it sounds in your mind :lol:.

    Would it be hard for you to dumb it down a bit or maybe some sort of diagram? I really appreciate your help!
  4. thejms

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    after rereading your original post it made more sense actually.

    I want the automatic lights to work as normal, I just want to be able to flip them off when I go through the gate. Will the relay work in this manner? It seems to me that if I do the relay option I am controlling the lights totally, meaning i will have to flip the lights on whenever I need them on.
  5. John W

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    The most simple thing is reach out and turn the headlight switch to park. Works on my truck.
  6. thejms

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    No to be rude, but you arent giving me enough credit. Do you really think I would of posted a question like this if I hadnt tried the switch first :no: My headlights come on whether I turn the light switch or not. When they come on automatically you cant just turn the switch to turn them off.
  7. Dr_Zero

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    Removed my other ramblings LOL

    Ok ok here read this page!

    1999 Chevy/GMC full size trucks. (Also verified on 2000 model). Here is another way to disable the automatic headlights on a 1999 Chevy Silverado. This is very simple. Remove the radio. Push and twist the photoresister (the black light sensor on top of the dash by the windshield) so it goes beneath the dash. Reach back and disconnect the photoresister from the wire (it should just pop off). Push the wire back up throught the hole (it will be easier to work with this way). For the lights on the '99 chevy to stay off there must be resistence running through the circuit. One way to accomplish this is to run an LED through the circuit. I went to Radio Shack (which I hate doing) and purchased a 12 volt red LED light. I placed the wires in the two holes left by the removing the photoresister connecter at the end of the wire (if your lights don't stay off, swith the wires around in the hole). This is all you need to do. In addition though, I soldered the wires in place and then taped them. I also disassembled the photoresister (use x-acto knives and be careful) and was able to glue it back around the LED light (this keeps there from being a hole in the top of my dash, and makes the light look factory installed). This whole procedure cost me a little over $3.00 for the LED and about 1/2 hour of time.

    That is a permanent way but I was thinking a switch with one being normal circuit and other with the led in line or other resistor
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  8. rwt

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    how about puttin on parking brake one or two clicks
  9. tlperry68

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    I have auto on mine and as I approach a check point I turn the light switch from auto to parking lights, this turns off the head lights and runs straight parking lights.
    No toggle needed. Don't you have the same set up?
  10. thejms

    thejms Rockstar

    Nope, doesnt seem to work with my setup.

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