Automatic Transmission exploded views

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by unplugged, Sep 10, 2009.

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    I'd like this to be a series of exploded views of automatic transmissions. Please submit any pics/diagrams you have of GM automatic trans. (May create a manual trans version if there is enough interest)

    1st up submitted by Jimmiee the 4L60E
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    Hey thats my tranny! am going to be putting one in my truck here shortly:grrrrrr:it blew up
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    Here's a picture of the Quick Disconnect Cooler Line. It's the same at the radiator as it is on the transmission. Also the top line on the radiator is the return back to the transmission on most trucks.
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    OBD I is all GM up to 1995. To retrieve codes on OBD I vehicles simply jump the terminals A & B with a paper clip or cotter pin. The Check Engine Light will blink out your codes. OBD I codes are 2 digit codes. The light will blink "12" which is a 1 blink followed by 2 blinks before and after the codes are flashed out. If there are no codes you will just get the "12" which means no codes present.

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    I had to replace my hoses and instead of buying the factory lines from the dealer I bought some high quality hose and a nipple style connector/adapter that NAPA sells. My application was for a heater hose, but I'm sure they sell them for cooler lines.
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    TH400 Exploded view #1

    Here is a view of the TH400
  7. unplugged

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    TH350 Exploded View #1

    Here is a diagram of the TH350
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    check out
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    Thanks for all the great information!
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    Anyone have one for a 5-speed Allison?
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    Is there a 700R4 on here? I have to swap tail shafts to fix my Suburban so I can take my kids to a Cub Scout camp.
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    Great thread anyone have a wiring schem for a 4L80E and transfer case?

    - - - Updated - - -

    would you happen to have the outer wiring schematic for the tranny and transfer?
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    Does anyone know if the ECM and tcm on a 2009 silverado are one part

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