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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by alwayssomething, May 14, 2009.

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    Hello everyone I am new here and have a question about automatic transmissions that has bothered me for years. I have a Suburban 4x4 with 230k on it and no history. The tranny fluid is dirty and I have noticed slight slipping when I am working it hard. The question is do I change fluid & filter ? If I do change it how can you empty the torque converter also? Please tell me what experience you have had. Thanks very much
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    Here's how I do it. Pull the pan and replace the filter. Clean and replace the pan. Fill the transmission with 6 quarts of oil. Remove the return line from the radiator to the transmission which is usually the top line "out" of the radiator.

    This is the tricky part. I have made a hose that plugs into the top radiator fitting as I kave the push in fittings. You will have to make one of these or some people cut the cooler line and add a compression fitting.

    Next run a hose from the top radiator fitting to a bucket. Start the engine and fluid will return from the top radiator to your bucket. Now add about 5 more quarts as the old oil is coming out. If you cant do this fast enough and the fluid stops coming out then turn off the engine and finish adding the 5 quarts. A side note her is if your fluid is real dirty you may need up to 20 quarts to get it red again. Once you have flushed the oil out repair the cooler lines and top oof the transmission. It will take a couple of quarts more.

    This is a lot of work for someone who does not have the necessary equipment at hand. If you don't have the tools then just take your truck to a quick lube and have them flush it. Then drop the pan and change the filter.
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    Thanks for the info and I will change the fluid , filter soon hopefully that will do the trick.

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