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  1. heavychevy85

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    my rear shocks which are autoride are get to the point were they bottom out when you go over like bumps like at the end of my drive way we have a bump coming in cuz of the water drain and it will bottom out there so i called advanced auo to get a price for them and i about passed out they wanted 329 bucks a pop so i asked him if regular shocks would fit and he said he didn't know so i called the chevy garge and talked to them and they wanted over 600 bucks a pop for them and he didn't know if they would fit he said just getem and tryem out and i was wondering if any one on here has cnverted there autoride to just standard shocks
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    so i did but in the front not the back - it was part of my rancho lift kit on my 07 LTZ / works like a charm only issue is that you need to put a "diode" or something similiar in place of the shock sensor otherwise it's going to throw an error code / My rancho kit came with the part
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    Here ya go.:)

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