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    Back when I was researching a newer Burb, I had found the info on the difference between Autoride systems on 1/2 & 3/4 tons. Now that I actually have my Burb here (3/4 ton), I can't find the info. I seem to remember the 3/4 ton system is something much simpler than the 1/2 ton. Anyone know?
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    Z55 Autoride Shock Conversion Kit/ Shock Replacement

    i just registered on this page because I've seen posts about the z55 Autoride before. It is a good suspension system and very comfortable; however, replacement shocks seem to be very expensive. I am not sure of the difference between the 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton z55, but I wanted to let everyone know that i did find a less expensive alternative to the oem replacement shocks. Monroe Max_Air shocks, Part # 90012. Available at Oreilly's Auto Parts. It is the conversion kit for converting the active electronic and air suspension to passive with air adjustable ride height. All 4 shocks, 4 resistors, and plain and simple installation instructions. $168.00 plus tax. About 2 hours to install everything. No Codes on dash. Compressor kicks on just like it always did. And they are a fairly nice ride too. With this kit, there is no need to flash the computer to turn off the autoride. You just splice in a resistor and thats it. You can remove it later if you decide to go back to oem equipment. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. And I have been putting it off for a couple of months. The rubber air bladders were weathered and cracking causing my compressor to kick on more and more. After reading several posts about trying to turn it off, I finally just unplugged the on board compressor behind the driver's side rear wheel. This saved my compressor, and I didn't get any codes on my dash. Another alternative if your short on dough is the monroe Max-Air #MA830. These are just the rear air shocks, but no resistors come with them. $78.00 from Oreilly's. The resistors in the kit were labeled " Jinshan 10W2.2ohmJ" The packaging was labeled Rancho Suspension P01510 r3061. Just in case any of you want to try Radio Shack for the resistors. Anyways, I hope this helps. ALL 4 Shocks & Resistors for well under $200!!!!! and i get to keep the autoride if i want to go back to oem.
    Good Luck and feel free to message me.
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    I'm still searching for info. Found this on an RV forum:

    "If I recall, Autoride was standard with the 8.1L, but the Autoride on the 3/4 ton isn't the same as on the 1/2 ton. It is only the automatic variable dampening shocks vs the autoleveling that also comes on the 1/2 tons"
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    So are you saying that there are not air lines running to the shocks on your 3/4 ton? I had a heck of a time figuring out what shocks I needed for my "premium smooth ride" suspension. had some good info on their site for me. Turns out that if I want to replace the stock Nivomat shocks ($389 each) with standard shocks I need to change the rear coil springs also.
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    Great link, thanks for posting it.

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